Being Sick During the Final Weeks of School As Described by GIFs

Being Sick During the Final Weeks of School As Described by GIFs

I pray none of you ever have to go through this.

1. It’s that dreadful time of year again. You’re swamped with work as it is, and the last thing you need is to be down with the flu.

2. At the first tingle in your throat, you’re in denial. You can’t be sick. Not now!

3. You mention to your roommates once that you feel slightly under the weather and suddenly you’re condemned to full quarantine.

4. The only bright side to your impending illness is the easy excuse to get out of plans you don’t want to have.

5. By the middle of the week you feel inches away from death and the thought of continuing classes and taking exams is torture.

6. You wonder why this couldn’t have happened earlier in the semester, when you could just stay in bed all day.

7. You’ve become better at being sick than actual schoolwork.

8. Your cough attacks distract everyone from actually paying attention to the test review, including your professor.

9. Trying to convince your parents to send you money for medicine.

10. Trying to study for your finals and the NyQuil kicks in.

11. But until you finally start to feel better, at least you can be excited that summer is just over the horizon.

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I Tried To Lose Weight All My Life But Couldn't Shed The Pounds Until I Turned To God

Now it's easier than ever and I'm never looking back.


It's amazing how good it feels to get rid of something that has felt like such a tall barrier in your life for so long. For years, and years, honestly, as many years as I can remember, I have felt held back by my weight. It's something that never truly left my mind, whether it was how I looked in my school uniform skort compared to other girls, how I looked in pictures, the thoughts that raced through my head lying in bed that night, or if what I ordered off the menu would make me look fat. It was always something.

Now I have tried, or so I thought I had. I had tried giving up carbs for two weeks, doing workout videos, or eating healthy, occasionally running, or honestly, anything I thought might help a bit. But there I was after a full year of college, heavier than ever.

It was then that I found my secret ingredient, it was then that I found the ultimate weight-loss secret: Prayer.

I found myself amidst a challenge that I didn't know if I was mentally strong enough to handle, faced against temptations of my wildest food dreams. Canes, pizza, chocolate, ice cream, oh my!

I had never thought once about offering up my prayers to God when it came to my weight. I'm not sure why, honestly. It was something that I had struggled with for so long, that it almost felt normal.

Now, when I feel tempted I ask myself a lot if this is the "abundantly more" that God promises us. If it isn't, then I don't pick it. Strength is a process, just like endurance or habits.

I have learned that by offering up the comparisons I feel at the gym, listening to podcasts while running, or Jesus music while practically swimming in my sweat, I am motivated to keep going, not dragged down by the progress I haven't made. I have learned to thank God for the journey He has taken me on so far, and for giving me the capability to overcome these hurdles.

Jesus Didn't die on the cross and tell us to get our butts out there and make disciples of all the nations just for us to sit and be upset with ourselves and compare ourselves to those tiny pictures on our screens. Let's go, we don't have time for that. We have work to do.

No, I'm not saying that if you pray for Jesus to make you lose 15 pounds, the weight will fall off, but I am saying that through Christ, all things are possible, and with Him by my side, the running doesn't feel as difficult.

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My Fulfilling Experience Interning with 'Golden Heroes'

I cannot think of any negative things to say about working with such kind-hearted individuals who thought of this nonprofit and made it happen only over a year ago.


Around December 2017, I applied for this internship for this nonprofit called Golden Heroes. I applied for probably three different positions, but I ended up becoming an editorial intern. To my surprise, I was the first of them, and I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. This organization I have learned to love over time has only been around for a year, but they have done so much for their target audience.

Fast forward to May 2018, and I have become the head of the editorial branch, with other interns that I have had the privilege of training and getting to know.

Golden Heroes is a nonprofit organization that makes care packages to children with pediatric cancer (click here to request if eligible.) Though I have only worked with them for half a year, I have been so lucky to reach out to families and give them a reason to smile.

My job covers a couple things. I, amongst other interns, write articles for a blog post that covers three topics: pediatric cancer, articles about specific children who have or had cancer and what the nonprofit does in general. My favorite part is being able to interview families and write articles about their children, and honestly, it's one of the greatest things I've ever done.

Now, this isn't a typical internship, I've never actually met the people who I work with. Sure, we communicate, but it's through email or texting. A thing that is good about this particular internship is that it is very flexible. I have deadlines that I make for myself, but signing up I was told this is a 2 hour/ week commitment, which is really nice for someone who does a ton of stuff during the school year as well.

Working for Golden Heroes is amazing. In the past year, they have sent out 216 chemo kits, 90 care packages, 150 capes, and have had 32 partnerships. For only a year that is pretty amazing, and knowing that I have contributed in the tiniest way makes it worthwhile.

This may sound cliche, but my favorite part is just getting to hear a thank you from the person I am speaking to. They don't know me personally, and they still told me a touching story about something very personal to them. I can't thank them enough. Yes, it helps me with my job, but I love connecting with people in general. It makes me a better person.

I have learned so much for the short time I have been an intern for them. I don't even feel like an intern, I feel like I actually have a purpose for being a part of the team. I've learned that every family's journey is different. I have learned to empathize with people on a whole new level, and I have learned that cancer affects not just the child, but the immediate family, friends, and even strangers. Most importantly, I have been able to get a viewpoint from the parents of these children. It really makes the term "unconditional love" have a new meaning.

To answer the question of "what is it like to have an internship?" all I will say is that it is wonderful. I cannot think of any negatives to say about working with such kind-hearted individuals who thought of this nonprofit and made it happen only over a year ago. I cannot wait to see what they do in the future.

Please take a minute to check us out and donate! Any contribution is greatly appreciated!

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