Being Sick During the Final Weeks of School As Described by GIFs

1. It’s that dreadful time of year again. You’re swamped with work as it is, and the last thing you need is to be down with the flu.

2. At the first tingle in your throat, you’re in denial. You can’t be sick. Not now!

3. You mention to your roommates once that you feel slightly under the weather and suddenly you’re condemned to full quarantine.

4. The only bright side to your impending illness is the easy excuse to get out of plans you don’t want to have.

5. By the middle of the week you feel inches away from death and the thought of continuing classes and taking exams is torture.

6. You wonder why this couldn’t have happened earlier in the semester, when you could just stay in bed all day.

7. You’ve become better at being sick than actual schoolwork.

8. Your cough attacks distract everyone from actually paying attention to the test review, including your professor.

9. Trying to convince your parents to send you money for medicine.

10. Trying to study for your finals and the NyQuil kicks in.

11. But until you finally start to feel better, at least you can be excited that summer is just over the horizon.

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