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Student Life

You Can Be Shy And Still Have An Outgoing Career Choice

"Shoutout to all the shy, introverted, empathic, socially awkward souls who are pushing past their comfort zones to share their gifts with the world." - Maryam Hasnaa


Throughout my life, I have always been considered shy, quiet, and an introverted person. I went about my days observing the world and people around me, and I thought a lot in my head but never felt a need to say much. I had a few friends in high school, some I talked to more than others. Just because I didn't talk to people a lot doesn't mean I didn't like them, I just know high school can be messy, and sometimes I don't trust people enough to open up and give them my full potential.

Now that I am in college, I feel like it is impossible to be shy. As a freshman, I willingly wanted to open up and become a more extroverted person. Now, this process was not as easy as it might sound. I had to go to welcome week events that involved getting to know potential friends, and I walked around listening to what different clubs had to offer.

All the clubs and organizations seemed great until they inform you of the cost to join. I noticed me and a couple other students backing away slowly the minute a club shouted their $40 prices for dues at us.

I became friends with the people I met at welcome week. We all had different dreams and aspirations, but that didn't really matter because they all lived in the same building as me! When another student lives in the same building as me, I guess that means automatic friendship. They are easily accessible when you need them, and the fact that they are a neighbor was another thing we had in common.

I felt proud that I had made my first set of college friends, and that I was growing more and more out of my shell of shyness. I eventually came across the broadcast club, and everyone there was open and eager to be friends with people that joined their club. Oh, the broadcast club also was free!

At the time, I was a graphic design major, but that changed so fast the minute I auditioned to be an anchor on Troy TrojanVision News. The audition made my anxiety tremble. Without a doubt I was nervous, but I worked up the courage to give it a try. Once I made it past auditions, it gave me the affirmation I needed to make it as a broadcast journalism major.

As my first semester as a freshman came to a close, I realized I had come out of my shell more my freshman year of college than all four years of my high school experience.

I now can talk openly without holding back because of lack of trust. As of now, I am even taking public speaking, which was a class I once dreaded, but I am now excited for. My point is just because I was once shy doesn't mean I have to stay a shy and timid person. I can always evolve into something more. I can always get better and improve on things in my life.

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