10 Shows And Movies All Journalism Majors Need To Watch
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10 TV Shows And Movies All Journalism Majors Should Binge ASAP

If it's specific to your career interests, is it really procrastination?

10 TV Shows And Movies All Journalism Majors Should Binge ASAP

As a journalism major, I always get really excited when I watch a movie or TV show and a character is introduced with a career in the journalism realm, I fine myself more attached to the character and the movie or show in general. Also, I love claiming my binge-watching procrastination habits are somewhat helping me in the long-term instead of making my life much more difficult in the present.

Here's a list of 10 movies and shows all journalism majors should binge:

1. "Gossip Girl"


I watched this series before I decided journalism was the career path I wanted to take, and re-watched in during my second year of college. I absolutely fell in love with it again, and I felt so much more connected to the characters and plot of the show.

In addition to watching Nate take over a news site in New York City, the show's very principle plot is centered around teenagers in NYC and how they get their news and gossip and how that information affects their daily life.

2. "The Post"


Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and one of the biggest journalism stories of all time? How could you resist??

3. "All The President's Men"


What better way to learn about one of the most iconic moments in journalistic history than cuddling up in your bed and watching movie?

4. "How I Met Your Mother"


Okay: it's common knowledge that this show has the worst ending in history, but it has a lot of great parts!! Plus, Robin's character gives us a glimpse into the world of broadcast journalism, so it's not technically "avoiding" schoolwork... right?

5. "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy"


This movie offers a comedic look at the journalism industry in the 1970s that was ~shaken~ when female reporters came into the game.

6. "Gilmore Girls"


All the references to famous journalists and Rory's journey into the industry makes this classic sitcom all the more relevant to a journalism major.

7. "Forensic Flies"


While this show has no true plot or characters — every episode follows and solves a different murder investigation. I love watching it to see if I can figure out who the killer is before the episode is over. I definitely think this show has made me a better investigator, and it certainly makes me question everyone around me. It's also cool to see investigators interview journalists who reported on the stories and, in some cases, helped find the murderers.

8. "Trainwreck"


This is another comedy that tells the story of a struggling magazine reporter who falls in love with a source she's using in a story. Maybe there is hope?

9. "Spotlight" 


I couldn't forget this film that shares the story of another historic moment in journalism history: child sexual abuse allegations and cover-up within the Catholic church.

10. "The Newsroom"


I've never actually seen this one, but it's next on my list. I hope it's as informative about the newsroom as it claims to be.

I find I put out my best work when I'm crunching to meet a deadline, as any true journalist probably does. So why not "procrastinate" with these journalism-focused shows and movies until that deadline is a little closer?

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