To overcome my writer's block from last week, I decided to start an article series. I will probably write an article that relates to this series about once or twice a month. As you guys can read from the title, it will be known as Shower Thoughts.

Showers are great. Not only do you have the chance to make yourself smell like coconuts and tropical breeze, but it is also a time for you to decompress and spend time to think about life and other things. This being the first week I thought it would be "fitting" to do something that is related to a shower in some way. So I thought, "What if clothing had a personality?

Let's start with the shirt. When you see someone, the first thing you typically see that they are wearing is what type of shirt they have on. Shirts can be used to express what type of person you are and what your interests may be. So for that reason, the shirt would be the fashion person.

Next we have shorts and pants. Pants are used to hide parts of the body that are inappropriate or illegal to show off in the first place in almost all settings. These can be viewed to be different types of people such as your parents when they say, " SHH that is inappropriate!" They can also be considered to be the police since it is the law to wear pants in public. lol

Going all the way down, we have socks. I personally only wear socks when I wear running shoes. So in that case, socks can be known as the athletic of the group. Dress socks, in that case, could be known as the business man.

Lastly we have hats. If you don't know already, I love to wear hats. I feel naked when I don't war a hat in public. But hats, in most cases, are used to block the sun from your eyes when doing outdoor activities. So for that reason I think hats would be that guy who just spends way too much tanning and trying to get that perfect tan.

What do you think would happen if your clothes had a personality?