Here's Why You Need To Show Yourself Some Love
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Health and Wellness

Here's Why You Need To Show Yourself Some Love

A few steps you can take for better self-care

Here's Why You Need To Show Yourself Some Love
Denise Johnson

As we go about our day running errands, getting lost in piles of work and assignments, and engaging in our social lives, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner, not realizing this while we tackle on daily tasks.

Yes, you have to go to work... and yes, you have to go to school, but to lose yourself in this often cataclysmic translation is not worth it.

You can’t perform your job effectively if you aren’t getting adequate amounts of sleep. You can’t pass a class if you don’t have the mental or physical will to study for that class.

You can care for others more than you care for yourself, but this isn’t healthy, and at some point you will break because if you’re put into a situation where no one is able to help you mentally or emotionally, you don’t even have yourself as a cushion.

Putting yourself first is a necessity, and if you don’t know how to do it, or never thought that doing something for yourself was important, then here’s a few ways to finally start caring and loving yourself a bit more.

Read a good book.

Most people don’t like to read, which is fine. But when you read, the physical world seems to melt away, and the words on the pages literally take you into the world of the author. Reading is a great escape for those who are overly stressed, or just want to indulge in a little leisure.

Unplug from technology for a few hours.

This may be difficult for some if you’re a workaholic, or you have a lot of homework/assignments. Yet, we’re so reliable on our phones, social media and communication with others that we don’t truly take time to appreciate the world around us. Unplug, and carpe diem, or in other words, seize the day!

Have a mini declutter session.

Organizing your desk or your room, even your backpack or your purse, can make you feel like you have a clear head. Leaving the surroundings where you sleep, live or work messy is a direct reflection of your daily life. Try to become less cluttered and see how it changes your thought process.

Do something you’ve been putting off.

Whether its writing that book, going to see that new movie that just came out, listening to some new music, etc.etc, make time to do it! Although what you want to do may seem minor and insignificant, you will feel accomplished and satisified because you finally took some time to do something you’ve been wanting desperately to do, but haven’t had the time to actually do it.

Get up early, make breakfast and enjoy your morning.

It's not a lie when they say the early bird gets the worm. When you get a head start on your day while the rest of the world is quiet and still asleep, you feel you have all the time in the world to yourself. There’s peace in knowing this. Not only that, but you can plot your day, and even have a little time to yourself.

Slow down and be present.

Life speeds by us, and the train isn’t stopping for anybody. We’re on it, going full speed ahead. Because we move so fast and are again caught in our daily lives, we don’t truly realize what it is to be alive.

We don’t take time to admire the trees, vegetation, the sky, the air we breathe, the weather, and not even the un-promised opportunity to actually have breath in our body. Whenever you feel you have the world on your shoulders, stop whatever you’re doing, take a few deep breaths, and just take the time to be grateful and present.

Have a lunch date with a friend.

I am probably the most guilty when it comes to putting my friends off to do my homework, to go to work, etc. Because of this, most of the time I am stressed out because of the workload I have.

However, I’ve realized that a little social interaction won’t harm anyone. Plan an outing with a friend to remind yourself how to have fun and take your mind off whatever is taxing your mind.

Say exactly what you mean.

By being honest in what you say, you become honest with yourself. When you don’t say what’s on your mind, or you sugarcoat the truth for yourself or someone else, you become flustered because you didn’t get to say what you truly meant, and that could turn sour in many ways, in many different instances.

Being honest and true gives you a peace of mind. What more can I say?

Don’t be a people pleaser.

Nobody on the entirety of this planet is pleased for very long. If you go through life trying to make sure everything you do makes everyone happy, you will be disappointed and feel like a failure every single time. Trying to do this will make you feel like less of a person. Do what makes you happy and worry not about what others will think about it.

Be kind to yourself.

As humans, we are our worst critics. We show no mercy on our humanity, and we strive for perfection and success in every facet in life. So when we do something wrong, or we feel we don’t look a certain way, etc. we just treat and talk to ourselves terribly.

A simple reminder: you are human. You will make mistakes; you are not perfect. Reassure yourself, speak positive affirmations to yourself daily: “I am beautiful/handsome,” “I’ll do better next time,” “I will do….”

You must show yourself love before you can give that love anywhere else. I encourage you to show yourself some TLC every single day, and you’ll become more appreciative and come to love yourself even more for the lovely individual you are. No one can care for you more than you can care for yourself.

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