It is important to show yourself love, every day.

Take small steps each day to show yourself how great you really are.

1. Sit in silence

Sit in silence and meditate on how far you've come in life. Meditate on the thought that you are amazing.

2. Splurge 

Whether that's on coffee, a manicure, or a new pillow for your couch in the living room- splurge in a simple way that allows you to feel that you are working for more than rent and tuition.

3. Do something bold

From taking a group exercise class to painting your nails neon orange, be bold in one way or another that allows your personality shine.

4. Sit in the sun

With summer coming to an end, take a moment to just sit outside and bask in the warm sunshine.

5. Avoid restrictions and limitations

From food to going to the beach - live your life this month with no limitations on your happiness and satisfaction.

6. Put the phone down

And stop comparing yourself to other girls on Instagram. Put the phone down and learn to love being in your own presence for the time being.

7. Eat the pizza (and maybe the ice cream, too)

Because life is too short to obsess over calories and work outs than to enjoy in moderation, your favorite foods on a summer day.

8. Change up your routine

By adding in morning workouts, meditating before bed, or simply waking up earlier. Switching up small things in your daily routine can help you feel less bored with your life- trust me.

9. Take up a new hobby

Boxing, knitting, reading,.. the options are endless.

10. Thank yourself

Thank yourself for showing up today and doing everything you've done. Give yourself gratitude and compassion- you've made it through another day.

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