10 Ways To Show Your Love Without Saying "I Love You"
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10 Ways To Show Your Love Without Saying "I Love You"

Because sometimes we forget love is more than just three little words.

10 Ways To Show Your Love Without Saying "I Love You"
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Everyone speaks a different love language. Some show love by showering their partner with gifts, some display it with cuddling and physical affection, some say "I Love You" whenever possible to make sure their partner doesn't forget. Others show love to their friends on a daily basis, sometimes with a quick high-five as you pass in the hallways or a smile across the library. While we all show love in different ways, there are a few things we say that show love without realizing it.

1. Please put your seat belt on.

Aside from understanding that safety is important, when a friend or loved one tells you to put your seat belt on, they're telling you they care about your well being. They understand everyday risks and want to keep you safe from them.

2. Do you need a drink of water?

If you're on a sports team, or in a club with a lot of physical activity - your friends may say this a lot. They're taking into account your physical health in the moment and looking for a way to help you.

3. Have you eaten today?

Sometimes you forget to have breakfast, and all of a sudden it's 3pm and you're about to rip someone a new one for looking at you funny. The people who know and care about you probably understand your "hangry" state pretty well, and know to remind you to eat something.

4. Text me when you get home safe.

Whether you're just walking home from your late night class, or heading back after a late party, it's always nice to get a text like this. All they want to do is make sure you make it home in one piece, because they care about you. It's comforting to have friends who will watch out for you and make sure you get home safe.

5. Call me when you’re walking to your car.

Every good friend knows to watch out for her friends when they're walking at night alone. If you can't personally walk them to their car in a small pack, the second best thing is to call them and keep them on the line until they're safe in their car. Even if it's the middle of the day and you feel uncomfortable walking alone, having someone offer to call you and talk to you until you're safe is heart warming.

6. How was your day today?

There's a great way to unwind, and that's talking about your day with someone you love. If someone takes the time to talk about your day and genuinely wants to hear about how you're doing, they must care for you.

7. I hope you get a good night’s sleep.

As part of a goodnight message, wishing someone a restful night is so nice! Getting a good night of sleep is vital to your health and happiness, and can drastically change how you feel the next day. Those who love you just want you to be happy and healthy, and sometimes that starts with a good night's rest.

8. Do you want help studying?

Most people don't even like studying by themselves, so if they offer to study with you, that's pretty big. If I've just burnt myself out from reviewing for my own exams that week and I STILL want to help you, you must be pretty important in my book.

9. You can pick what movie we watch.

For those who like to stay in and watch Netflix, you know that the decision to watch something you both like can be difficult. If your partner or friend offers you full control over what movie you watch, that can feel pretty special!

10. I made you a cup of tea.

Or coffee, hot chocolate. Whatever you prefer. When I'm feeling down and out, it feels nice to have someone notice and care enough to make me tea. Or even in the morning when they notice you may be struggling to get going, and give you a caffeine boost to start the day - that's a good way to show you care about someone.

How do you show your love? Take the time to appreciate the people in your life that show they love you without saying it!

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