I just wanted to take the time to recognize all of the working college students out there. I feel your pain when it comes to balancing class work and actual work. I know what it is like to constantly question if school is worth it...or whether working that eight hour shift is worth it. Let me tell you, it is worth it when Friday payday rolls around, or you ace that English quiz you were up all night studying for. College is already stressful, and working while going to college makes life even more stressful. Therefore, I have composed a list of the top five qualities working college students possess.

Time management

If there is one thing you learn how to do while going to school and working, it's how to manage your time. Since your free time is so limited, you have to even plan out when you are going to take a shower. First, you plan out the hours you are working for the week, then you schedule out your classes, and fill in any free time with studying, sleeping, or eating. You also find methods to help you keep track of all of the events happening, whether that be sticky notes scattered throughout your bedroom, or having a color-coded giant planner. You figure out how to manage your time and find a balance between school and work.


Every working college student I know has determination. They have goals and will do anything and everything in their power to achieve those goals. Working college students are determined to do well in school all while efficiently doing their job. All of the countless hours of sleep you have lost serve as a purpose for something better, and working college students are determined for something better.

Not expressing feelings

One thing you learn how to do is hide the fact that you are exhausted, or just extremely hungover. After a stressful day of work and class, you will come home and enjoy the occasional bottle of wine, and you will wake up in the morning, eat a sausage McMuffin, and head off to school or work. You will hide the fact that your head is pounding and all you want to do is crawl under your desk and take a nap. But you will put a smile on your face, and serve your customer, since they are always right. You will put on that ball cap, throw on sunglasses, and walk across campus to give that presentation over the water cycle. Working college students become pros at not expressing how they really feel because they have no choice.


Working college students have a strong sense of commitment, not only to their job, but also their class work. They are committed to making their own money, and taking care of their own responsibilities. They are also committed to earning good grades, and maintaining a decent GPA. Working college students are committed to being successful in life.


Every company that I have worked for has emphasized the importance of being a team player, and working together to meet company goals. This aspect can be transferred into the classroom. Working college students understand the importance of working as a team. They understand that working together can benefit not only themself, but other classmates. Two minds are better than one when it comes to trying to analyze a novel, or trying to work out the answer to a math problem.