A recent timely warning has us Rowan students questioning, thinking, wondering. After a three-person assault on another person in the middle of the night, I am really contemplating something. Something quite repetitive that it gets scarier every single time I see it.

This is my senior year of undergrad at Rowan University. I have heard of and seen too many timely warnings come through my phone and my email. Assaults, stabbings, sexual harassment/assaults, violence.


Don't get me wrong. Rowan is such a great school. It has always been my number one choice school ever since I could remember. The academics are strong, and it is known for teaching, engineering, and more. But I've grown to become uneasy.

Wherever I walk, I have to keep both eyes on my surroundings. I have to walk with my key hidden between two fingers. I've always done this in this area, but the timely warnings have made it worse.

I'm not afraid, but I do feel unsafe.

All colleges have their bad moments, but this is too much. I refuse to go on the other side of campus anymore because of these events. I feel like I have to walk a bit faster everywhere I go.

Am I missing something? What is being done about this? Why is it still going on?

This makes me not look forward to the end of my shift on the weekends because I get done around 1:30 in the morning. No one knows who wants to walk the streets of Glassboro at that time. People are starting to tell me more often to never walk home alone.

Regardless, that shouldn't be a routine. No one should have to tell you that because you have to feel safe. A college campus should be a safe place, a place you should not feel imbalanced with.

I'm tired of walking home feeling like someone may be following me. I'm tired of getting these notifications and feeling unsure about whether I should even leave my room.

I wish Rowan could do something about this sooner rather than later. Safety is always, and should always be, number one.