Why Should I Take Anthropology In College?

In college, there are many different courses in many different subject areas. Some colleges require a variety of general education classes while some just require electives. Anthropology is a course that may be required for general education, but it is required for a good reason. If you have ever considered taking an introductory anthropology course but haven't had a real reason to do so, here are some to help convince you.

1. You will learn a lot about humans and society.

Anthropology is the study of people and their behaviors, so you will be mostly focused on people and their societies. But, you can also study many different aspects of human life like traditions, entertainment, architecture, and language. You might be surprised by some of the things you might learn about people. I know that I was, even just from taking anthropology at the introductory level.

2. You will learn about cultures other than your own.

If you haven't had a chance to travel outside of the country, taking an anthropology course will help make you a bit more familiar with the way that other cultures do things. Other cultures have other traditions that you may be fascinated to learn about. While travelling is the best way to become familiar with another culture, anthropology class is the ideal way for those who cannot get time away from the U.S.

3. You'll gain a better perspective on the world around you.

Let's be honest, what do you really know about the world outside of your home country? Even if you've travelled outside the nation, there is no way that you can visit every country in the world. In an anthropology class, you will learn many different things about countries you might have never heard of.

4. It's best to venture from classes that relate to your major.

Unless your major is anthropology, this is probably one of the biggest factors in your debate to take anthropology. You might not want to take any other courses that aren't related to your major if you don't have to. But, taking anthropology will help make you a more well-rounded person in terms of other cultures and the way we live.

5. You'll become a more accepting person.

Once you learn about all the different cultures, you will learn to accept them. People in other countries live differently than you do, and you will have to read about other cultures frequently in order to pass the class. Some things you may read might be shocking, but in the end, you will learn to accept them. People who study outside cultures are more likely to be accepting of others for living differently than they do, and I think that this is one of the major benefits of taking an anthropology course.

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