It has become commonplace to ask “How many follower’s do you have on Instagram?” or “How many likes did you get on that post?”. This is the world that we live in now. A world where the amount of followers we have or the amount of likes is more important than almost anything else. Social media has consumed today’s society. Yes, social media can be good, but it has also damaged our society without us even noticing.

What we haven’t notice is that social media isn't just helping us, it is slowly ruining our generation.

If you ever want to know someone’s birthday, don’t worry, Facebook is there to save the day. Unfortunately, we probably couldn't even remember our closest friend's birthday without the help of Facebook reminding us. Whenever Facebook does remind you are you going to post on their wall or actually pick up the phone and call them to say happy birthday? A true friend would know when your birthday is and try to call or spend the day with you, but in todays world it doesn't really work like that.

If you ever want to know if people actually care about you and your boyfriend going to Flemings on Friday night last week, just look at how many likes you get on an Instagram post. People stress over how many likes they get on a picture and interpret that as if people actually like them or not. Society has condensed itself to view value in the form of likes and comments.

Social media has taught this new generation that they don’t have to physically tell someone something because they can just direct message them on Twitter and ask them. A lot of people in my generation have very poor social skills as a result of social media. I couldn’t even order my food at a fast food place until I was in high-school, but I taught myself how to be social and nothing like my generation.

Social media though has also helped us when we want to know something immediately. Lets say a popular artist dies, people would know almost immediately who, how, and when they died. Social media spreads news faster than a wildfire spread in the forest.

Social media has its ups and downs, but in the end, I think its better that people have it. Despite it's pros, people still need to put forth effort to make sure that they are socially aware and capable. If we don't learn now we will end up like the people from Wall-E.