Within the last few years, times have changed. Thanksgiving was a holiday where retailers kept their doors closed until early the next morning. Various families would eat in the evening and enjoy time with loved ones instead of having the feast earlier so everyone can pile in one car and go shopping. Unfortunately, those original times are gradually vanishing. Now, many retailers open their doors on the holiday and some even stay open all day. With that being the new thing each year, it only gets everyone to wonder will retailers begin to open their doors later on another highly observed holiday such as Christmas? With it being less than a month away, here are reasons why retailers should and should not open their doors later on Christmas.

Why they should

1. Gives People Who Don't Celebrate Christmas Something To Do

Although the U.S. is seen as a nation where numerous people do, not everyone celebrates Christmas. Usually, those that don't, spend their afternoons watching a movie and then eating at an Asian restaurant. If businesses opened their doors later on Christmas, this would at least give those people who don't celebrate the holiday, something to do.

2. Allows Consumers To Get A Head Start On Returns

Known as probably the busiest return day of the year, if stores opened later on Christmas, not everyone would have to deal with those crazy crowds again on December 26th.

3. Can Give An Equal Amount Of Work and Family Time To Employees

Employment is one of many things that don't allow people to see their families all the time however, if employees worked and saw their families on the holiday, they can get the best of both worlds since one can be done in the morning and the other can be done later in the afternoon or evening.

4. Would Possibly Give Employees Time And A Half

Since Christmas is a major holiday and many individuals get paid extra on those days, there's a strong possibility that those people would go home with extra like they do for the other ones.

5. Gives People Not Observing The Holiday A Chance To Pick Up More Hours

Just like there's a strong possibility if retailers opened their doors later, employees could be paid time and a half, in addition to that, they could pick up extra hours. This would give those who need them, an opportunity to use them. Afterall, who wouldn't want both extra hours and money?

Why They Shouldn't

1. Interferes With Family Time

If businesses did what their starting to do on Thanksgiving for Christmas as well, family time would be decreased and cherished again. Relatives would also miss out on seeing each other.

2. It's Still A Religous Holiday

Although it's known for its tree, lights, gifts, cookies, and Santa Clause, families nationwide still go to church on this day. Some even stay up later just to attend Midnight Mass.

3. Gives Everyone A Day Off

Unless you have a profession in the medical and journalism field, at a movie theatre, drug store, hotel, restaurant, in the police force or fire department, chances are, you have off on Christmas. If stores opened later on Christmas, not everyone would have the day off and that one day to relax.

4. A Great Day To Relax

Out of the whole year, how many days do you get to spend time with family, wear your pajamas, kick back, watch movies, sip hot chocolate, and not have to worry about anything work, school, or athletics related? Not many.