Nothing is more heartbreaking when someone you love and trust hurts you.

Life throws people who break you down and devastate you, but when it comes from the people you least expect it from, there is a pain that feels incurable. You begin to question yourself and your worth, and you start to fear a life without the person you once relied on. Whether the person was toxic or not, you need to understand that harboring negative feelings about someone is not healthy for your mind, body, and soul. You may feel that it is impossible to forgive someone who betrayed you, but the moment will eventually come, and by the end of it, you will be happier than ever.

Whether the person who hurt you was a family member, friend, or significant other, it is important that you learn to live life without them. Creating an environment where you learn to rely on yourself for happiness rather than others allows you to take control of yourself and feel powerful. Understand no relationship is significant enough to lose yourself over and no one is worthy enough to stop loving yourself less. Although you may feel this is extremely hard to do, it is necessary that you mentally challenge and push yourself to adapt to a life without them.

There will be moments where your anger resurfaces, and the disappointment and pain will take over, but having those days just proves that you are closer to the days where you will finally find peace. Then, there will be the days when you will miss them, but you will see them creating memories and forming relationships with new individuals, while you are still trying to understand how to move forward. A person who you thought you could not live life without, is living life without you. At some point, you need to learn some people are not meant to be in your world. If a person truly loves you, they would try to make every effort to have you in their lives, whether you deny their efforts or not, but if they show no effort of trying to reconcile with you, that gives you more of a point to live your life without them.

Through it all, once you begin to adjust to living life by yourself or with people you meet along the way, you begin to realize that it is unnecessary to have negative feelings toward someone who is now a complete stranger. You eventually learn to forgive the person and thank them for pushing you through an adversity and coming out of it feeling more powerful than ever. The strength you have gained allows you to move forward in your life and experience happiness without them. Forgiveness starts with subsiding the pain and coming to terms with the situation. You have to find peace with what the person has done to you and recognize that situation can not be undone. There is no point in holding on to the past and allowing negativity inside of you. Through forgiveness, we are able to let go of the negative energy we possess and allow ourselves to find joy. At the end of it all, a reconciliation is feasible if you both are ready and willing to regain the bond and love you once had; for now, though, it's necessary that you learn to forgive them, so you could find eventual happiness for yourself.