My (Shortened) Bucket List

My (Shortened) Bucket List

Here are the top seven things I want to do in my life.

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1. Travel around the World

Incredibly cliche, travelling around the world is an obvious idea. But, it rightfully so is. There is so much beauty in the world; no matter how young or old one is, it is important to experience the different landscapes of the world.

2.Visit Ancient Ruins

From Europe to South America to Asia, the amount of history captured in ruins in these three continents is massive and breathtaking; seeing ruins will allow one to gain a new perspective on historical contexts while offering a beautiful setting.

3. Move to a New Country

Although terrifying, moving to a new country with a different language, culture, and norms can offer an opportunity to experience new traditions and become more globally involved.

4. Impulse Travel

I am quite the impulsive person; just last week I decided to take a trip to New York City at 9 p.m. at night. Therefore, packing my bags without a set plan of action seems like just the thing I would do. These adventures would make great stories, so they definitely made it on the list.

5. Backpack through Europe

Some effects of backpacking: A low cost vacation, meeting like-minded individuals as yourself, freedom to do whatever you please. The adventures are endless, and the memories will follow you everywhere

6. Visit the Amazon Rainforest

With beautiful greenery, exotic animals, unique foods, and an interesting culture, spending time in the Amazon Rainforest seems like quite the dream.

7. Snorkeling

Underwater life is quite mesmerizing, with brilliant sea creatures, a vibrant color spectrum, and one-of-a-kind organisms; something not explored by that many humans. Snorkeling allows the opportunity to visit the amazing domain of the ocean, and gives an inside look into life under the sea.

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