A Short Break

Now that I'm out for winter break, and not stacked to the roof with papers and other work, I decided that for the rest of the month of December, I would take a break from writing. I feel like I want to change my focus and bring new ideas to my writing. So I also decided to pick a creative writing class for when I return to college the semester after the break ends.

When I'm constantly squeezing out passion projects like poetry whenever an idea pops into my head, a holiday break feels like it should be used as a time to relax my mind from all the school work, mental thinking, and stress that has been pent up throughout the semester. Since I'm out for break, I'm not stuck in a go-go-go all the time mindset, so I don't have to shift from one paper to the next, or wake up in the middle of the night remembering that I have or had an assignment due. Those things tend to wear a person down.

But thinking about it, I'm probably going to have to do even more papers when the next semester starts, "what a joy". Hopefully, the living situation changes so that I don't have to leave my dorm room just to study, work, or even relax.

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