We Shouldn't Have To Rely On Heroic School Kids To Stop School Shootings

I Wish They Didn't Have To Be Heroes

There should be a call to action instead.


Kendrick Castillo, a senior at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado and Riley Howell who went to UNC Charlotte didn't know each other, but they have so much in common. Both just barely adults. Both had huge hearts and immense love for people. Both had shooters enter their classrooms. Something in their massive hearts told them to try to stop the armed men. Both of them were shot. And both men would die as heroes, within a week of each other.

I don't want to minimize their selflessness or say they shouldn't have risked their lives to save the lives of others. I think what they did is far beyond incredible. But I think it almost glorifies shootings. It is a good way to put a positive light on the darkest of moments, but it shouldn't be a story we're telling at all. Our students shouldn't be As heroes or otherwise.

No one should go to school, or anywhere, in fear. School letting out for the summer or graduation used to just be a relief because it meant we weren't in school anymore. Now it means we'll be safe, even if just a little while.

But I still have at least two years of school left, and it does scare me. Especially when I hear about a shooting at another college campus. One not very far from mine. I know people who go to UNCC and that one struck me differently. It felt like there was an even higher chance that it could happen to me.

And what scares me the most is that I'm sure I'm not brave enough to try to stop a gunman. That kind of courage doesn't reside in me. I'd cripple in fear.

So I guess what I don't understand is why nothing has been done to really stop these hateful acts of violence. After so many shootings last year and the year before, some regulations should have been made. There shouldn't be any excuses left to make. Not when the Prime Minister of New Zealand said she would be seeking reform after just the one mosque shooting.

It always seems as though our lawmakers aren't motivated, or they're distracted. While more deranged people get their hands on firearms, people in office are worried about tax returns and the Mueller Report. They'll make excuses or say they'll work on it. But it shouldn't be that hard to try literally anything to prevent another shooting. Any amount of progress would be worth something. Selfless victims risking their lives shouldn't be a solution. We can't convince ourselves that this is somehow God's plan.

Instead of having to honor another victim, there should be a call to action. It isn't a Democratic or Republican issue, it's a human issue, and they should all be busting their asses to fix things. I don't want to mourn any more heroes or victims. I don't want to live in fear through the next two years I'm in school, or for my sister in middle school to worry either.

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The Internet Has Had Enough With Kaitlin Bennett, And So Have I

I think the internet has had enough of her tomfoolery.


Kaitlin Bennett, a Kent State University student has literally lit social media on fire over her very conservative views and her ideologies and frankly? I'm done.

Earlier this year, a viral photo of Kaitlin Bennett carrying an AR-15 for her graduation photos at Kent State University ignited Twitter as she decided to voice her opinions on the whole topic of the conceal/carry laws. The time she had been posting the photos and her strong opinions, was around the time the gun control debate was high in conversation in light of the recent shooting in the Parkland high school as conservatives were pushing legislation to allow people with conceal-carry licenses, to be able to carry in all 50 states.

The everlasting issue of Gun Control has been ongoing since the time of the Columbine High School shooting in April of '99; it had died for a little bit, but it was sparked back up with the 2008 Aurora theater shooting, when a person who was deemed mentally ill had gone into a theater during a premiere of a Batman movie and decided to open fire and take several lives. Shootings such as Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and many others have claimed the lives of innocent people and the question of where do we draw the line with gun rights and who can own a gun and what are the qualifications to own a gun?

The internet has a giant influence on people and their beliefs with pressing issues such as gun control, as the internet has millions upon millions of users who are voicing their opinions about these governmental issues when the people in power won't talk about the situations and keep them hush-hush. But, sometimes the internet can have too much to say, and in the case of Kaitlin Bennett? Sometimes it's best to just keep your mouth shut.

A conservative with strong feelings about her 'right side' views and the concept of gun control, Kaitlin is known for voicing her strong, very right sided opinions on her twitter and rarely when reading the comments, do I see someone supporting her and her thoughts. I usually see people who aren't feeling her vibe and ultimately are sick of her tweeting and want her to deactivate. In her photo, Bennett says she chose to carry her assault weapon to pose a stronger symbol of being able to arm yourself. Her photo happened to take place on the same campus where fifty years prior, the Ohio National Guard opened fire on a crowd that was protesting the Vietnam War.

(photo above is taken from someone's Instagram who seems to support Kaitlin and her views, editing her picture into a Nike ad after Kaepernick's Nike campaign was released.)

She has appeared on Fox News, defending herself as people are saying she's 'proudly' displaying her white privilege. People have commented on things such as, "If a person of color were to walk around campus with a gun, the whole entire police force would come and shoot them in a second". With this photo being taken, others felt like it was a huge slap to the face and displayed being a gun advocate in a wrong way.

As of recently, Bennett has been going to rallies with her views, asking people, (typically those who are considered to be on the 'left' side), why they are the way they are, or basically trying to shove authority in people's faces. Kaitlin has ultimately come to the conclusion that people who are against the gun control laws we have now are just crybabies who think that the gun control laws we have now need reform (which I mean they do, but, I'll maybe share that later). She likes to point the finger at those who protest President Trump and basically try to bring them down and use the concept of "I carry a gun, so I can shoot at any time" as her threat. But, honestly? Just because she carries a damn gun, doesn't mean anything.

The fact that she is threatening people with her conceal-carry is childish and petty. She claims when she went to a Trump protest in Erie, the people just wanted to scream at her and hold signs in her face, while she spat offensive things and even made a fat joke towards a woman. Her, "You know I carry, right?" threat means nothing. People have been cracking jokes online about Kaitlin's petty threat; Bennett tries to defend herself, but it's done very poorly and I feel sorry for her, honestly.

Trump Protesters in Erie are Emotionally Unhinged www.youtube.com

So my piece of advice to Miss Kaitlin? Sometimes it's best to ignore the notifications on your phone, ignore the tweets and messages you're receiving because no matter what you're going to say, everyone knows it's going to be something about a left side person being a baby or a wimp or how they can't hold themselves up. I would also advise you to please educate yourself on the concept of feminism before you start connecting feminism to gun rights; you're just making yourself look bad. I add this point with Kaitlin connecting gun rights to women's rights because as someone who is going to school with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies, I feel that Kaitlin has the whole concept of feminism all wrong.

Feminism is technically defined as "A belief that men and women are inherent of equal worth." Yes, the initial concept of feminism was protesting for women's rights, how it was advocacy for the rights of women. So the idea of Kaitlin trying to incorporate 'women's rights' into gun rights is almost misleading? She says that feminists (which I'm assuming she's just pointing to females), are against arming women to maintain the idea that women are victims. She has it all wrong, and I just want people to be more educated on topics before they speak on them. So Kaitlin? Lock the phone, shut the computer, and continue on with your day.


We get it, you love the second amendment and love this negative limelight you're in, and we get that you carry. We really get it. Please, shut up. Please, stop talking. I don't ever get annoyed this much by people but with her? She's a big no from me.

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Guns Are More Important Than Children’s Lives, Change My Mind

In America, there is nothing more important than our guns.


Except for the fact that you know, they really aren't.

When did guns become more important than our children? Was it around the same time we decided we value oil over humanity? Or maybe it was when we said that repairing our environment was less important than securing our military power. Oh wait, I know, maybe it was when we decided to turn our government into the world's most horrifying reality show!

Really though, I'm not sure when it happened but it's the saddest truth. A truth many of us can no longer bare.

If you heard about the school shooting in Colorado this past week and were surprised or shocked well I just want to know, were you really? Are you honestly still surprised when we've done nothing to improve the safety of our schools, places of worship and basically any other public place you can think of?

I used to be scared to walk alone at night, but now I'm growing scared of simply walking outside.

When I heard the news of what happened in Denver, just miles from the school that put such utter violence on the map, I hardly even cried. Not because what happened wasn't tragic, but because a numbness has grown inside of me. And to be rather honest, I'm quite afraid it's grown inside us all. This overwhelming feeling of a complete lack of control. Our marches do nothing, our words do even less. How can we solve a problem when half the population isn't interested in a solution?

Instead of lobbying for change, we've resigned ourselves to sending our thoughts and prayers. For politicians, all they have to do to feel satiated is compose a tweet calling for regulations and call it a day. News outlets cover these tragedies for ratings but never feel compelled to ask the hard questions, like when do we say enough is enough?

We talk about arming teachers and preparing kids to fight for their lives. How can it be that these are really our most effective solutions?

It has been 20 years since the massacre at Columbine and still, nothing has changed. In 2018 there were 323 mass shootings. That means we only went 42 days without one. In 2019, we're on track to have even higher numbers than that. I'd like to ask legislators this: How will the children of the nation shape the future of our nation from body bags?

This question is now larger than simply guns or no guns. It is a question of morality. When we look back at this point in history will we really be satisfied that those in power made the right choices? I can't help but think that we will look back on this and feel nothing but shame.

I want to call on you to be the change you want to see, but I've grown weary in believing that will ever be enough. So instead ask yourself this: What matters more to you, guns or life?

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