What Your Shoes Say About You
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What Your Shoes Say About You

A look into your personality based on the footwear you adorn.

What Your Shoes Say About You
Morgan Lanyon


Comfort is key, and you love the outdoors more than anything. You despise people who think lowly of the coveted shoe and only aspire to live comfortably. Sure, you may not have been alive for Woodstock, but you can at least pretend.


The shoe for the average lazy person. Sure, you believe that what you are doing is staying cute and trendy, while simultaneously keeping warm. But really, there is nothing more simple than slipping on these exaggerated socks. But hey, you have places to be, and footwear doesn’t really matter, right?


You like the simple life. Why should you need to wear anything flashy or uncomfortable when these shoes exist? You have people to see and places to be, and these shoes do the job. You also love adventure and seek it in every aspect of your life.


Truthfully, if you are of an adult age, and still rocking Heelys, then there is no one more fun-loving than you. But in all seriousness, you love to enjoy life. Sure, there are going to be some people that will tell you to grow up, and stop acting like a child. But where is the fun in that? Heelys allow you to go about your day like any ordinary human being, but they just make the world so much more enjoyable.

Hiking boots

Adventure is out there, and you are ready to experience it all. No matter how tall the mountain, long the trail, or deep the valley, you cannot wait to get out there. You may hit some roadblocks here and there, like working a desk job, or needing to attend to other things, but you will always long to see the world.


You are an all-business type of person, but you love to have fun. You're constantly ready for a meeting, while simultaneously prepared for the dance floor. You don't allow anyone to mess with you, and you love the sound your shoes make when you walk on hard floors.

Doc Martens

No one messes with you. You know where you are going, and are prepared for anything that might come your way. If you have the strength to break in these boots, then you have the strength to conquer anything.

Cowboy boots

There is a particular crowd that adorns these shoes. Sure, you have your legitimate cowboy who lives on a farm and brands cattle for a living. But you also have your sorority girl that aspires to be the cute Southern-belle that the media always portrays. You love dancing and showing off your stuff.

Flip Flops

Where there's water, there is a way. The beach is truly your home, and you hate the idea of being confined within closed toe footwear.


You are a free spirit. Shoes only hold you back, and you long to feel your feet in the earth. Why should you let any footwear define you? You like to live your best life.

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