So many wanted things from you,

Things you couldn’t give.

It made it hard for you to see,

Who wanted you.

Some things aren’t worth giving,

Heart, Soul, Mind, Body, Spirit

How dare they ask for

Things that make you you.

I found your heart beneath your smile

The light shined so bright it burned my eyes

Then I realized

I didn’t need eyes to see you.

I could see you, feel you, know you

Without ever giving a piece of yourself away to me.

I could love you; All of you; No part detached

So many wanted things from me

Things I couldn’t give.

It made it hard for me to see

Who wanted me.

Some things are hard to find

In a world so cruel and unkind.

In the pouring rain I had you come inside

Inside of me.

To calm my storm and let my light shine

Shined so bright it burned your eyes

But you realized you didn’t need light to see me.

You could see me, feel me, know me

Without ever asking me of myself

You could love me; All of me; No part detached

The light within us drew us close.

We embraced and the light grew brighter.

We shined so bright no darkness could hide

You saw all of me; I saw all of you; No part detached

I watched you dance

Bask in your own ambiance,

I followed you

Help you catch

the light we had released in the world

Where no darkness could hide

Where you saw me

and I saw you

No part detached.

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