'SHE' Is The Podcast You Never Knew You Needed

Jordan Lee Dooley has a list of successes and now she can add "famous podcaster" to her list. "SHE" is a motivational podcast that discusses everything young women need to hear from love advice to owning your career like the boss lady you are. So far I have fallen in absolute love with this podcast. I stumbled into the podcast accidentally while scrolling through Spotify, but now I listen to it every time I drive in the car.

There is no lack of inspiration and words of wisdom from Jordan and the various guests she has on her show. If you have been in a season of life that you aren't happy with I would really encourage you to take a listen to this podcast.

If I haven't convinced you to take a listen already, I would like to share some of the things I have learned from listening to "SHE."

1. There are ways to tell if you have a healthy friendships. 

The first full episode of "SHE" talks about friendship and how to tell if you need to re-evaluate some of the friends you have and look inside to see if you need to work on how you treat friends. Another comment she mentions is the song we all learn as kids "make new friends and keep the old one is silver and the other is gold." This is a rhyme I haven't thought about in years, but I definitely needed the reminder that old friends are great, but it is always necessary to keep trying to make new friends.

2. Try to steward your life in a positive way.

Something I have been challenging myself to do is steward various aspects of my life. Jordan talks about this in depth in one of her episodes but mentions it in various episodes. The idea that is mainly mentioned is to take three important aspects of your life and really commit to making them the best you can. The three aspects I decided to steward are education, relationships, and health. I then broke down the ways I will really commit to those three things.

3. There are ways to find community even when it seems impossible. 

Something I have always struggled with is building my community. Jordan talks a lot about all the reasons having a community is super important and the struggles in finding one. She also gives a lot of ideas of places to find them. One thing I never thought of was simply starting my own community. Walking up to someone at church and introducing myself, even if they are a lot older than I am.

4. Find places that welcome your brokenness.

This is a big motto on the podcast and it is one that I think carries over into life each day. Your Brokenness Is Welcome Here. We are all so beautifully broken in someway and finding that place that allows you to cry and scream and be happy and be angry is so important.

These are four of the main things that I have learned through listening to "SHE" so far, but I know I will learn more from this podcast and if you are in a season of life that just feels very defeated I strongly recommend this podcast. If you have been feeling lonely, lost or happy, but wanting to focus on improving yourself, please listen to this podcast! I pray that you'll take as much from it that I have and let your boss lady grow!

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