She Left Me
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She Left Me

Hey yo Mack, you know I'm talking about you.

She Left Me

It was kind of funny when we met. Both the single girls, 5th wheeling with the group. We kinda just stuck together because we did not have anyone else. Even though you thought I hated you when we first met, I didn't, I actually thought you were pretty chill like me. Who knew that within 6 months you would be my person.

First, I want to say thank you.
Thank you for listening to me when I babble on about pageants and stuff that I know you do not care for.
Thank you for living with me and my obsession to rearrage the furniture every month.
Thank you for still being my friend (and taking me home with you) when I went a week without my medications.
Thank you for proofreading every single paper (and possibly writing some).
Thank you for riding in the truck with me even though we could have died 100 times (RIP Greg).
Thank you for letting me hang up Christmas lights everywhere in the middle of August, and not taking them down till May.
Thank you for babysitting my chickens in the dorm while I was in class.
Thank you for not killing me for posting the video of you falling off my bike into a ditch on my snapchat.
Thank you for putting up with my crazy ideas.
Thank you for our Chickfila dates after the gym.
Thank you for taking care of me when I had the flu and a sprained ankle.
Thank you for letting me jump in your bed while you were still asleep so I could tell you about my day.
Thank you for giving me advice and still letting me come crying back to you when I didn't follow it.
Bascially, I want to thank you for being my bestfriend and a second mom.

But then you left me.. We knew this day would come. You would graduate and finish your degree somewhere else, and I would be stuck here for another semester, then go even FARTHER away from you.

How dare you leave me? Who said that was okay for you to do? You know I could not survive without you. Who am I supposed to go to BCM with? Laugh with me during the sad parts of the movie? Have Fried Chicken Thursday's with? Pick me up from class when I am too lazy to walk back? Take care of me when I am sick? Remind me to pick up my meds? Go get DQ blizzards with me? Whose bed am I supposed to jump in after class and watch Grey's?
That's right, YOU. But I am now all on my own.

As tough as it is, I want to thank you for that. Thank you for leaving me on my own. It has taught me the power of our friendship. We are still as close over texts, calls, and weekend trips as we were when we lived together.
Now I know how Rory felt when she had to leave Lorelai and how Meredith felt when Cristina left.

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