Why Shawn Mendes is America’s Sweetheart
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6 Times Shawn Mendes Proved That He Is America's Sweetheart

Have mercy on us, Shawn.


Along with the likes of Michael B. Jordan, Antoni Porowski, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Shawn Mendes has been deemed one of "America's boyfriends."

Since he emerged from Vine onto the Hollywood music scene in 2013, Mendes has remained modest and true while trying to make a name for himself. Even after having all three of his major label LPs peak at #1on the charts, he finds ways to remain relatable to the masses.


There's no mystery as to why the 20-year-old Canadian musician has stolen the hearts of many – as well as making incredible music, Mendes has the humble personality to match. Here are six instances that Shawn Mendes proved that he is, in fact, "America's Sweetheart" (even though he's Canadian).

1. He donated to the March For Our Lives.

Mendes wearing his "Youth" merch, which he proceeded 100% of the proceeds to the March For Our Lives.

Shawn Mendes

When Mendes teamed up with fellow heartthrob Khalid on their track "Youth," he revealed that the lyrics were inspired by the tragic events following the Manchester attack at an Ariana Grande concert in May 2017. Having been in Europe two weeks before the attack, Mendes told W magazine that he was "overwhelmed" and had to "put [this feeling] into words…because every time something like that would happen, [he] would get the feeling of me becoming more numb [and] desensitized." The singers decided to release merchandise along with the single and donate the proceeds to the March For Our Lives, a student-led protest in support of tighter gun control in the U.S.

2. He constantly shows love to fans on social media.

Just in case you forgot, Shawn Mendes loves you! The singer often takes to social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to leave video messages for his fans. Hearing someone (even if it's an international star like Mendes) express their love and gratitude for you can sometimes make your day better and give you a more positive outlook.

3. That time he co-hosted the "Late Late Show" for a week.

When his self-titled album released, Shawn Mendes packed his bag for a week-long stay at the "Late Late Show with James Corden." At the "Late Late Show," Mendes took over the opening monologue, competed in a Cover Battle with Corden, and even parked in the comedian's parking spot. Let's not forget how Corden and Mendes graced us with a carpool karaoke that included hits such as "Lost in Japan," "Mercy," and "Stitches." Shawn also played ice hockey and shared his undying love for Harry Potter with Corden.

4. When he serenaded a baby and kissed the heads of Buzzfeed employees. 

Yup, you read that right. When Mendes paid a visit to Buzzfeed, he shot a segment with Keith from the "Try Guys" where fans voted on what he should do throughout the day. He not only had to serenade a baby, but he also kissed the heads of Buzzfeed employees and even sang his McDonald's order. His tasks are wild from start to finish, but Mendes keeps his composure and even realizes he might "be a good dad one day."

5. When he helped Hailey Baldwin with her dress at the Met Gala.

Amy Sussman

While attending the 2018 Met Gala as model Hailey Baldwin's date, Shawn Mendes proved that chivalry isn't dead when he walked around her Tommy Hilfiger gown to avoid stepping on it. He also lifted the tail and readjusted it so Baldwin could pose for photos. I'm prepared for Twitter to attack me with "the bar is on the floor" arguments, but Shawn Mendes exceeds any expectations I have for men and relationships.

6. His response when asked whether or not he'd date a fan.

During a recent interview with British GQ, Mendes was asked whether or not he'd date a fan. His response gave fangirls (and boys too) a great deal of hope and heart palpitations:

"The truth is, your wife or your girlfriend should be your biggest fan and so at the end of the day, you should be each other's biggest fans. So I don't see anything wrong with that!"

Hearts are melting for Mendes across the globe, and there's no doubt about it. With the sincerity of his music and personality, charm, and good looks, we should be glad that Shawn Mendes is one of the internet's boyfriends and America's sweetheart.

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