Like many other high school and college students, I like to spend what little free time I have binge-watching entire shows on the most popular streaming platforms. Netflix, Hulu, and HBO are permanently bookmarked on my laptop, always staring me in the face when I open my browser to write an essay or read an email. When I say HBO, I'm sure your mind immediately jumps to "Game of Thrones." I, however, have not joined the fandom obsessed with handsome kings and pet dragons and whatever else the immensely popular show consists of that keeps its audiences in awe. Anyway, after several failed attempts to encourage me to become a GOT geek, my friend Sarah (shoutout!!) told me about a show she recently finished called "Sharp Objects"...and I am so glad I actually listened to her this time.

"Sharp Objects" stars Amy Adams, who also co-produced this 7-episode series, along with Patricia Clarkson, who won a Golden Globe for her performance in the show. The series takes place in the small town of Wind Gap, Missouri that, like any other small town, feeds off of gossip and envy. As a thriller, the show follows Camille Preaker, played by Amy Adams, who returns to her hometown to investigate and report on the mysterious murders of two young girls.

Without giving much away (because I highly encourage everyone to experience the drama for themselves), I will say that this show was a detail-oriented masterpiece that simultaneously satisfied and shocked me from beginning to end. Last year, I watched a similar television drama on HBO called "Big Little Lies." I loved the tragic yet sophisticated personality of this series so much that I could not stop raving about it to my friends and family; the ending literally made me gasp. "Sharp Objects," however, provided an even greater surprise in its ending, leaving me feeling both blindsided and annoyed, for lack of a better word, that I didn't predict the ending earlier.

I realize I have provided very little detail in regards to the plot of the series. But that is because I believe you will enjoy the brilliant rollercoaster that Amy Adams and her co-stars take you through if you know as little as possible beforehand. I look forward to hearing your reactions!