Hugely underrated TV drama is back!Shameless launched a new season this October 2nd. The season started with the episode ‘Hiraeth’, which launched an extraordinary opening scene in which Frank, the father of other six protagonists, wakes up from a coma after being thrown into a river by his family members and neighbors. Every time you think that the show didn’t cover a single sensitive topic, they make sure to include it in their new episode. Some of the latest topics employed in the series’ plot were polygamous relationships, circumcision, sexual ambiguity, life with disabilities and alcohol rehabilitation. Of course, that doesn’t mean that throughout the previous seasons the show didn’t explore a lot of more taboo topics, like incest, pedophilia and hard drug abuse.

What makes the show special is the emotional rollercoaster the viewer experiences during a single episode: from tears to joy, from disgust to immense laughter. The characters are so intense and well built on that with every new season it becomes harder to let go of them and wait for new episodes. The diverse palette of characters includes the sacrificial elder sister, the smart, but alcoholic brother, the manic-depressive gay brother, the pregnant teenage sister, the former weapons dealer young brother and Liam- everyone loves Liam.

Apart from the controversial topics and characters, the series features amazing cinematography and musical sequences. It is a must watch, and for those of you who still don’t watch this masterpiece of the modern TV- you have six seasons of catching up to do.