Top 8 'Shameless' Moments Of Season 8
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Top 8 'Shameless' Moments Of Season 8

Who's the most shameless of them all?

Top 8 'Shameless' Moments Of Season 8

After eight full seasons, we still can’t get enough of the Gallaghers. We’ve watched them grow and make crazier worse decisions. The show stays true to its name and this season was no exception. The bar was raised with schemes like smuggling immigrants to Canada, various kidnappings, typical love woes, and let’s not forget the “Gay Jesus” movement. Each episode brought a new surprise and thrill for each character to build up to the finale. The only question remaining is, who earns the title of being most shameless?

8. Lip

Lip was pretty functional this season. He steered clear of alcohol and even helped out a few friends. Maybe too many friends. It got pretty strange when he actively helped out Charlie. He made it to the list for chasing Ciara all season when he was only her second best. He knew he shouldn’t have, but he fell right into the love triangle.

Most Shameful Moment: Planting drugs in Charlie's house.

7. Carl

If you recall “White Boy Carl” from Season 6, Season 8's whipped Carl, is pretty lackluster. He acted like he never met a girl before. I know there are no girls in military school, but geez. He does get points for early in the season when he sold the coke and made a business out of make-shift rehab. Hopefully next season he’ll be himself again.

Most Shameful Moment: Marrying Cassidy.

6. Fiona

Compared to other seasons, Fiona was pretty tame! She’s acting like a responsible adult by getting financial stability, focusing on her own goals, and pursuing a guy who’s not toxic for her. But she’s a Gallagher. When she’s provoked, it shows. She fought Ian for a church, her tenants, and the dog-stealing family.

Most Shameful Moment: Nearly suffocating the family squatting in her home with a smoke bomb.

5. Cassidy

This girl’s level of crazy is honestly impressive. She ran away from her rich dad (boo-hoo) to latch on to Carl who she convinced to marry her and pretty much control every aspect of his life. She had Carl locked down, literally, until the last 10 minutes of the season.

Most Shameful Moment: Taking selfies with a dead guy after a drive by.

4. Debbie

Debbie really took control of her life and made the world her oyster. After Neil kicked her out, it was full speed ahead with pregnancy scares and different money schemes including a marijuana-sniffing dog. She was career forward and posted a great listing for a “sexy welder.” (Photo cred. goes to Liam.)

Most Shameful Moment: Attempting to cut off her toes on the kitchen table.

3. Svetlana

Svetlana had control over the bar for quite a while before getting locked up. She was down in the dumps, but she didn’t stay there for long. She reconnected with Kev and V to kidnap Svetlana’s rival, and thwart her wedding.

Most Shameful Moment: Marrying her rival's husband.

2. Ian

The season started slow for him, with the worst things being getting a tattoo of a rack in honor of Monica, and trying to get back with Trevor after screwing him over. Then, of course, he became "Gay Jesus." The way he stuck it to homophobic religious leaders was badass.

It seemed like he realized it was getting out of hand with his fame and following of loyal teenagers, but he didn’t put his foot down. There’s no telling if he’s on his meds or not, but I’m sure we’ll find out. Either way, this season was probably his most shameful one yet.

Most Shameful Moment: Blowing up a truck in a cult-like fashion.

1. Frank

Yes, Frank did have a lot of promise for most of the season; he got a job, was a decent father, and even considered his retirement options like the average man, but it’s Frank we’re talking about. As shameless as he is, he’s also the finest entrepreneur on television, which brings him to the top of such a list.

What can he say, he’s good at what he does. We all knew that the “new” Frank wasn’t going to last. When the whole job thing didn’t work out, he used Liam as an accomplice to smuggle immigrants out of the US, and then of course attempted robbery.

Most Shameful Moment: When he submerged himself in a porta potty to avoid arrest.

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