If 'Shameless' Characters Went To UW Schools

Like many others, I have recently become a huge fan of the TV show 'Shameless.' As a student within the University of Wisconsin system, I couldn't help but wonder what UW school these characters would go to based off of some of their personality traits and characteristics. I had some fun coming up with this list, and it's definitely tainted by my own personal opinions and biases. But maybe you'll find yourself agreeing with some of the matches I came up with:

1. University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Veronica is smart and resourceful, and Eau Claire is noted as having one of the best academic standings. Though Veronica knows her stuff, she still likes to have fun, which matches with the fact that Eau Claire is known to have parties, but it isn't exactly a full-blown party school.

2. University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

UWGB students tend to keep to themselves and dedicate themselves to their academics. Fiona is also known to put a lot on her plate and puts pressure on herself to excel in everything she can. But also like Fiona, Green Bay tries to squeeze in time for fun when it can.

3. University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Debbie is a smart girl, which matches the academic good graces that La Crosse has found itself in. But she also gets pushed to the side sometimes, and La Crosse is somewhat overshadowed by the other schools in the system despite all its good qualities.

4. University of Wisconsin - Madison

Lip Gallagher is a genius, but he also likes to have a good time. The University of Wisconsin would be the place for him since it has the best academic reputation out of all the schools in the state - and is also known as one of the biggest party schools in the country.

5. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Jimmy/Steve would be a great match for Milwaukee. He's a city guy through and through and knows the streets like the back of his hand, which is a good skill to have in the largest city in Wisconsin. He's also smart and talented, which reflects the diverse amount of stellar programs that are offered by this school.

6. University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

It’s nicknamed ‘Sloshkosh’ for a reason. Frank Gallagher would make a great addition to the UW-Oshkosh since it is an active party school and Frank is always looking for a good time to make him forget about all his troubles.

7. University of Wisconsin - Platteville

There's nothing bad about Liam Gallagher's character, but it's easy to forget that he exists sometimes. Platteville tends to slip the mind of most since it's located in a small town and doesn't get talked about very much. However, it's still a good school with plenty to offer.

8. University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Like Carl Gallagher, Stevens Point tries hard to build up a reputation that is more forced than natural. Yes, they are considered a solid party school, but they are also near a nature preserve and are known for the excellence in some of their academic programs, which clashes with the intimidating demeanor they are trying to put up.

9. University of Wisconsin - Stout

There's a saying as old as time that goes "When in doubt, go to Stout." Not exactly the most promising tagline. Kevin may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's still a great guy that stands out in a large cast. He may not be the most compelling character, but he's definitely one of the most likable.

10. University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Like Ian Gallagher, Whitewater seems to be kind of self-absorbed. They also like to do their own thing without many people really realizing it, since it's not a school that is on everyone's radar.

Well, there you have it. The next time you visit any of these UW schools, I hope you remember what 'Shameless' character would be running around the campus.

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