We all have our addictions, and mine seems to be Shameless (US). I have read many articles about the Shameless cast and how they are seen in order from best to worst, and I have not agreed with any of them! So, I took a whack at it!

1. Fiona Gallagher

I think she is the first person on this list. I think she is the strongest character. She might have been a little whorish in some seasons, but I think she finally found herself after season 7.

2. Ian Gallagher

Ian. He is another one who I can't find anything wrong with him. Other than working in a strip club. Yikes.

3. Veronica Fisher

Veronica, Vee, and V. She is another one. She is a strong woman in her character and her real life character.

4. Mickey Milkovich

Mickey is another one of my favorite characters in Shameless. He grew up so much from Season 1 to Season 7. Every list I read, he's listed as such a shitty character when in reality, he is one of the best. Whether he's with Ian or not, he is a good guy on my list!

5. Sean Gilder

Sean was another character who was gone too fast. He is the best man for Fiona. He made her happy. Other than his addiction.

6. Kevin Ball

His smile can light up a room! Kevin is a dumb, but light headed character. Had to add him to the list!

7. Carl Gallagher

Carl. He started off as such a good kid, then everything changed. I chose this picture because this was the last time Carl was immature. He has my 50/50.

8. Phillip (Lip) Gallagher

Lip was a well-rounded character. Once he hit college, his life seemed to spiral. He was having a lust relationship with professors, having crazy girlfriends, and just becoming another Frank. He was closer to number one on many lists, but not mine.

9. Svetlana Fisher

She lied when her husband came into town, almost ruined a marriage, and ruined Ian & Mickey for the longest time. Not a fan.

10. Debbie Gallagher

Debbie started off as such a good child. I thought she was going to become a better version of the family. Then she turned out to be worse than Fiona on her boys, and had a child.

11. Shelia Jackson

Shelia is a 5/10 for me with no explanations.

12. Mandy Milkovich

Even though she didn't do much, she hit a girl with a car... Yeah, I can't picture her being the best or even close.

13. Steve/Jimmy/Whatever His Name Is

No comment for him. Other than, what is his last name anyway? Or what's his first name????

14. Chuckie Slott

I hated him since day one. I feel like he was just an added character.

15. Frank Gallagher

"Man's got no sense of responsibility. Leaving a family of three to fend for ourselves." Nuff said?

16. Monica Gallagher

Personally, I hated Monica since season 1. She was a shitty mom in the beginning and the end.

17. Sammi Slott

Sammi, Sammi. I hate her. More than Monica. She didn't do anything but complain. All. The. Time. No one benefited from her.

18. Karen Jackson

Okay, don't get me wrong. Karen was a good person in the beginning, and after she got hit by a car, but she went ballistic and had sex with her boyfriends dad at the time, and she was just bat-shit crazy. Sorry.

19. Gus Pfender

"F**k you Fiona." That is all.

This is my list of who comes from best to worst.

*Didn't Include Liam because he still has some time to grow on the show!