Shameik Moore Gets Cancelled After Saying Black People Are At Fault For Their Experience With The Police
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Shameik Moore Gets Cancelled After Saying Black People Are At Fault For Their Experience With The Police

All skin folk ain't kin folk.

Shameik Moore Gets Cancelled After Saying Black People Are At Fault For Their Experience With The Police

With the current racial movement, people have spoken out in support of the movement and their personal experience in law enforcement. However, some rather say a different narrative than the real issue at hand in this country because they believe that the rest of the world is beneath.

Shameik Moore, notable known for his role as Miles Morales in Into The Spiderverse, went on his platform on Twitter and Instagram to say how the black community needs to know how to act around police. He even went as far as to say Rosa Parks could've taken a black taxi cab. Black Twitter rightfully dragged him and educated him on African American history. He tried to explain himself to life, but he only reiterated himself. As a black person, you know that even if you comply, have your license and registration, and act respectful, the police will still see a threat because your skin color is darker. Those tweets and videos he did spoke of someone ignorant and out of touch with his community. As you sit in your studio apartment. your hometown of Atlanta is marching for justice for Ahmaud Arbrey.

When you become famous and not have people in your circle that have experienced or endured the same environment you have, you grow out of touch with your people. You care more about keeping your check than supporting your people, then you are placed in the coon category and forgot that the people you are making angry are the same ones that supported you and put you in the position you are in.

No matter how much money you have, what position you hold, no matter what your name is, you are still B-L-A-C-K. Being a coon for the dollar is a betrayal to your family, friends, and race. To anyone who wants to become an actor, rapper, athlete, or famous, do not forget where you came from.

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