I don’t think I’ve ever been as stressed as I was when looking for a house in Charleston, South Carolina. It all started when the College of Charleston decided to turn single occupancy rooms into double occupancy rooms to allow for more freshmen to live on campus. One Saturday evening my future roommates and I frantically tried to get into one of the on-campus apartments with single occupancy rooms. Our quest for solidarity was not completed, and we found ourselves looking for off-campus housing. We were two weeks into the search when we finally found the house we knew we all loved. Just when we thought we were at our wit's end, we found the home that we were willing to fight some girls over. With that being said, I decided to make an unofficial guide to the seven emotional stages you go through while looking for affordable off-campus housing.

1. Excitement

The idea of moving away and building a home with your friends gives you a wave of utter glee. You make one too many Pinterest boards, you plan, you dream up the glamorous dinner parties you’ll have with your visiting pals.

2. Panic

Reality sets in and you realize you don't have as many options as you think. Your Pinterest boards go untouched and you start to think of your plans as dreams from a better time.

3. Acceptance

You start to realize that you’re just going to have to keep looking and that at this point you’ll settle for anything. Even though in your heart of hearts all you really want is that window seat that you can sit and drink tea on like a ~hip~ art hoe.

4. Aggression

Suddenly, out of nowhere, you start to get angry. A red film settles over your vision and you furiously start your hunt again, but this time with a borderline crazy enthusiasm. You find the home of your dreams and all of a sudden the thought of someone taking it from you sends you into a Hulk-like fit of rage.

5. Renewed confidence

You and your friends walk into your meeting with your potential new landlord ready for anything. You're armed with questions, and you're not about to take any sh*t because you know what you want and you're going to find a way to make it happen.

6. Extreme Hopefulness

After the incredible showing and a great talk with the landlord you hope against hope that he chooses your group as the new owners. A pray circle is suggested and you do it because you need this home. You ask the notorious G-O-D that He will bless you with a lovely home and hold hands with your group.

7. Awe

The big man upstairs comes through and you're actually able to sign the lease to the cutest little apartment. Immediately, you fire up your computer and return to your long lost Pinterest board.