Seven Michael Scott GIFs That Perfectly Describe My Past Week

Seven Michael Scott GIFs That Perfectly Describe My Past Week

The thoughts I've had throughout the last seven days told by the "World's Greatest Boss," Michael Scott

It seems that Michael Scott GIFs can describe or relate to anything going on in someone's daily life, whether happy, funny, or sad. These are just a few I picked out that relate to thoughts I had throughout last week.

1. My reaction when I was assigned to write a paper in my Natural Science class last Monday....

Communication major + science = an absolute nightmare, Communication major being assigned to write a paper on science = Really? I have to use my writing skills on a subject I'm not good at? Torture, torture I say. However, I shall prevail, no matter how difficult it will be.

2. When I realized that Walsh's production of the musical GODSPELL starts next week....

Side note: If you are around the North Canton area next weekend and would like to see yours truly playing John the Baptist in this musical, stop by Walsh and see this marvelous show that my castmates and I have worked incredibly hard on perfecting. Dates are Thursday March 30th, Friday March 31st, and Saturday April 1st and all three of these showings start at 7. Okay, free advertising over!

3. When I had a great play practice for GODSPELL last Thursday and was given the day off for last Friday's rehearsal because of that....

Sure, spring just started and summer's not even here yet. However, there's no better treat to reward myself for a great day of play practice than ice cream. By the way, that's exactly what I got from Walsh's C-Store ("The Bucket") after my rehearsal. So, ice cream did make that Thursday better for me.

4. When my supervisor asked me if I could work an extra four hours during my shift last Monday....

Of course I told her yes, even though I really didn't want to, because I'm a reliable and good employee. Also, instead of wanting to bang on a mug all day and not go to work like Michael's doing in this GIF, I wanted to keep playing on my roommate's Xbox One all day and not go to work since I had no homework, but I ended up flipping burgers till 10:30 anyway!

5. When I tried to comeback at my roommate after he made a joke about me last week and I failed, miserably....

Did I say failed, miserably? Okay, that's what I thought. All I know is that I need to work on my comebacks and think before I speak. Otherwise, embarrassment happens.

6. When I found out last week that my FAFSA was completed for financial aid....

You know it! I was doing cartwheels when I got that email telling me this news. Okay, maybe not cartwheels, but I at least did a fist pump!

7. What I thought once the weekend came and ended my hectic, stressful, but overall decent week....

Despite this crazy past week I had, I knew I could finally relax over the weekend and just chillax like Michael says, and boy was it nice! In the words of Rihanna in her song "Cheers (Drink to That)," "Cheers to the freakin' weekend." Can't wait to see what next week has in store for me!

Cover Image Credit: TextbookStop

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There Is No 'Right Way' To React To A Shooting

Everyone is different.


After the shootings this year in New Zealand, Brazil, and close to home for some of us Aurora, people have been reacting in different ways. With some offering their thoughts and prayers, donating money to help pay for the funerals of the victims, fighting for action in regards to ending gun violence, candlelight vigils basically anything that can help them in this time of grief.

There is no right or wrong way to react to a shooting — everyone grieves in their own ways. We should not judge one another for how we grieve in a tragedy.

People have been saying that thoughts and prayers won't do anything. However, maybe it can be a comfort to some people—a way to let people know that they are thinking of them and that they care.

Sometimes people may want to donate money or blood to help out any survivors who may have suffered from blood loss or create GoFundMe accounts to either help out with medical expenses or to pay for the funerals of the victims or even start charities like Islamic Relief USA. Donating your time and money is a good way to help out because you are making a difference that is a form of action you are taking.

There is also grieving in the form of vigils. One example of a vigil is this guy who makes crosses every time there is some kind of tragedy. Vigils are often a good way to remember the victims, to pray for the healing of the survivors, to talk about what they were like as people.

Some people even want to take action by demanding that the laws change a good example of this would be March for Our Lives, which happened after the Parkland shooting last year. This march was fighting for gun control or should I say changes in the gun laws America currently has.

Some people also do acts of solidarity, for example, wearing a hijab like the prime minister of New Zealand did when she went to go visit the Christchurch shooting survivors. My community college had something a couple of years ago called Hijab Day to help show solidarity with our friends. I participated, and it was quite an experience—no one should ever be afraid to be who they are.

There is never a right or wrong way to react, and no one should ever criticize one another for how they react. It's not a test where there is a right or wrong answer—everyone is different and that is okay.

No one should ever have to be afraid to go to school, go to work, or go to their place of worship or wherever they decide to go. Whatever we decide to do to make a change, as long as we are taking some kind of action, is good enough for me.

Nothing ever gets done by sitting around and doing nothing, so whatever it is you do, get out there and do it. As long as you are showing support it doesn't matter how you show it.

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