Summer is basically here. With it comes the warm temperatures, trips to the pool, and a lot less clothing. For some, it is a time of rejoicing. For others, it sparks a time of struggle with body image and body dysmorphia. These issues are particularly pressing in young women due to societal pressures and social media presence.

Body dysmorphia and negative body image are pressing issues that we need to pay attention to as warm weather rolls in. By ensuring that we pay attention to our actions pertaining to body image, we ensure that summer will be a positive time to promote growth. Here are some ways you can be diligent in ensuring that we promote positive body image this summer.

1. Be mindful of vocabulary.

Instead of using adjectives like "fat," use more accurate words to describe your state of being. Words like "bloated," or "unmotivated" are more accurate and do not promote negative body image.

2. Set health-based goals.

Instead of focusing fitness and dieting goals on body-based goals, such as losing weight, try to set those goals to be based on health. For example, work out because it improves your cardiovascular health. Eat healthy because its what good for your body.

3. Focus on your own abilities rather than your physical appearance.

A person is much more than their weight or their physical appearances. Spend time doing things that make you feel confident and good about yourself.

4. Become aware of media messages.

Becoming critical of the media and how it portrays body image is extremely important. Fighting back against these messages in the media makes it easier to overcome negative feelings about your body.

5. Pay compliments to others.

Physical compliments are nice, but also try complimenting striking personality traits. This is a simple way in which we can promote healthy relationships with our bodies and make people feel good about themselves.