As a senior in college, finals week is harder than you would imagine. As a senior, you would think that we have it all together when in reality SENIORITIS HITS HARD. Since I am graduating in May, this finals week is dragging farther on than before. Even though I know all the stuff I need to finish my classes and I have been trained in the last 4 years to get through the semester nothing compares to senioritis. It is a real symptom too real for words to even describe it. Having this symptom makes it so much harder to function. Even the most simple basic college duties such as showing up to class feels impossible. Nothing is more frustrating than waking up in a cozy bed and realizing that class starts in an hour or even less. Although complaining is valid, nothing can compare to the fear of the real world that many soon to be college graduates face. I am so lucky that I have an understanding and a foundation for what I want to do after I graduate, I know many people who are less than ready to tackle life. A few tips I have for seniors as I am going through it now is :

1. Don't oversleep

2. Don't wait until the last minute to do things (even though it is highly tempting)

3. Take a mental health day (time to unwind so that you can focus on the given assignment).

4. EAT HEALTHY and at regular times.

5. Enjoy the free time we have

6. Learn to be penny smart and dollar smart while still having the pleasure of leisure spending.

Senior year is bittersweet, however, I am more than ready for it to be over. I'm sure like most people have been telling me that I should enjoy it while it lasts but I am more ready for the next adventure in this thing called life. I urge all my fellow soon to be college graduates to enjoy this last celebration before entering the adult world. I wish however that college would have taught us more things to do on our own like how to buy a house or pick the right credit card or even more important how to pay a bill. Overall, finals week is one of those times where doing nothing feels amazing at the time followed by some mental meltdowns due to stress.

I hope that all you seniors have a great end of the semester, have an idea where you're life is going to take you and most importantly LIVE IT UP you only are young for so long.


A soon to be college graduate that simply can't wait until May rolls around the corner...

PS. I feel your pain