The Results Are In: Senioritis Is Flagged As An Incurable Disease

The second semester has started, which means that a constant bombardment of final papers and assignments are beginning to pile up. Enter senioritis.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, senioritis is something seniors feel when graduation begins creeping closer and assignments seem less and less important, and class skip days occur more and more frequently. Many people may think that it is easy enough to get over this sense of perceived laziness, but I am here to tell you that this is impossible!

For starters, senioritis can be related to how an older adult feels about the months leading up until retirement. Years and years of hard work, tears and paper writing is about to come to an abrupt halt, so needless to say, this is cause for utter excitement and glee.

Homework becomes meaningless, "Why do I need to know what cytoplasm is? And furthermore, why is Otto von Something so important that I need to do a 25-page paper on him?" All of this has no worth or value after tasting freedom during winter break. We are finally free from all the craziness of college applications. The weather does not help much either. Sitting in a biology lab at 1pm on a Friday, looking out the window at friends playing frisbee on the campus lawn is reason enough to pack up your bag mid-lab and peace out.

And finally, and perhaps the most common senioritis cause, is receiving your cap and gown nearly two months before graduation. From March until May, you are forced to look at your cap and gown hanging in the corner of your room staring you in the face. As it hangs there, it practically dares you to skip that 8 am class you are taking solely for a few credits, dares you to close your textbook and cram in three seasons of "How I Met Your Mother" in one night.

Regardless of where you are academically, senioritis is real, and those suffering from it, never fear, for there is indeed a cure, unfortunately, you must complete all the busywork and then, a couple months from now, you'll receive your prescription, a diploma and a handshake, in front of everyone you love.
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