5 Thoughts Every High School Student Has During Their First Week Of Senior Year

5 Thoughts Every High School Student Has During Their First Week Of Senior Year

It's the beginning of the end...


So, you've made it! You're finally a senior in high school. The next few months of your life are going to be crazy, and before you know it, you'll be wearing a cap and gown. Here are some things you're probably thinking right about now.

1. "Wait... I'm already a senior?! I was a freshman just yesterday!"

After years of working your way up the high school totem pole, it can take some time to adjust to finally being the big man on campus. You still sort of feel like a freshman, but now the freshmen look like babies to you. It's a pretty strange feeling. Where did all the time go?

2. "I honestly do not know if I can handle another year of this."

As you re-enter the world of homework, essays, and tests, you find yourself with this thought. Suddenly, all the sleepless nights of studying and stress breakdowns come flooding back into your memory. But don't worry- you can get through it!

3. "I thought junior year was supposed to be the hardest!"

Most people say that junior year is the most academically challenging year of high school, but others argue that each year just gets harder and harder. As a senior, you also have a lot on your mind (school, college applications, etc.) and it feels overwhelming at times. Just remember, the stress is temporary.

4. "Honestly, I pretty much have no idea where I'll be a year from now."

Probably the most irritating and exhausting thing about being a senior is dealing with the constant interrogations from family members. Everyone wants to know, "What colleges are you looking at?" and "What's your plan after you graduate?" These questions can be difficult to answer, especially since you're not even sure where life will take you. treat these questions with patience. Chances are, these people are asking because they genuinely care about what you're up to. And don't be afraid to admit that you don't have all the answers just yet!

5. "I might actually miss this place."

Amidst all the stress and schoolwork, there are so many wonderful things about high school: the friends, the fun, and the memories, to name a few. Whether you've loved or hated your high school experience so far, try your best to savor these last few months and make the most of your senior year. Before you know it, it'll all be over and you'll be moving on.

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The 20 Stages Of Instagram-Stalking Your Crush, As Told By 'Mean Girls'

Whether you love the presence of technology in your dating life or not, it's probably there.


Far too often we wait for that follow request or Snapchat add to know that a boy is interested. We look to those notifications for validation of that mutual interest.

There is nothing quite like the freaking treasure trove that opens when a crush approves your follow request(or maybe you're silently looking if he is public). There is so much to do. This has now turned into an ~event~

All other priorities do. not. exist.

1. When he doesn't follow you back immediately


Not mad, just disappointed. Actually, very mad. Seething, if you will. Honestly expected way more from Steve from Intro to Biology.

2. If he follows you first


Hey! It's a little hard to see you down there since I'm ON CLOUD NINE RIGHT NOW!!! You text all your friends. These days, this is practically a marriage proposal. Time to start picking out wedding china? Can Vera Wang do this on such short notice?

3. If one of your friends also has a crush on him


Sorry, Becky. Guess you'll just have to live with being a bridesmaid at our wedding.

4. If you don't follow him, but have a mutual friend who does: you ask them for screenshots


He's private and you want to know what he is like without any consequences. You're just not ready to follow him yet, but you need some screenshots in your arsenal. This is case in point of why I should ABSOLUTELY not be considered a real adult for at least another five years.

5. Reading his bio


The best thing it could be is just his name or school or maybe his frat. Or nothing if that is indicative of being a real live grownup who has a job(and I don't mean working at an IT start up your daddy found you). We don't really need an inspirational quote or something random that only two people understand. Your name is fine, thanks. Gentlemen, take a page out of Avril Lavigne's book and don't make everything so complicated.

6. Seeing how many followers he has


This is something I don't really care about, but it can tell you a lot about the person. Like if they are a SoundCloud rapper trying to make it big and have clearly followed a ton of random people to try to get a follow back which has resulted in a sketchy follower-to-following ratio. If not, then they're probably normal.

7. Seeing how many photos he has


There is nothing worse than thinking you are about to feast your eyes on all his photos only to discover that he has two photos and one is a group shot where his face is practically hidden. This will result in an hour of promising your friends that he is normal and good looking, despite what this feed might suggest.

8. Making sure he is not radiating jerk


Saying "Saturdays are for the boys" is fine sometimes, but not every weekend. If he has more gym mirror selfies than the amount of Cosmopolitans Carrie Bradshaw has drank in her lifetime, it's time to move on. Unless you're working on a street corner, there is no need for you to be "just out here hustling/grinding."

9. Temptation to comment on a recent picture


His hair looks really good! Or if he posts a picture of a party you saw him at this can be more tempting than buying cookies from Girl Scouts outside the grocery store. Resist, resist, resist.

10. Discovering you have a shared interest


Oh my gosh, he went on spring break and you did too!! He went with ten friends to Panama City and you went home and ate Chinese food with your mom, but really, I don't see a difference there.

. 11. Stalking the most recent photo


Is it with a girl? Is she prettier than you? If she commented an emoji it's freaking over. You sprint immediately to your closest grocery store and buy all the Ben and Jerry's.

12. Gathering of all the information


Now we go into detective mode. Assuming at this stage that the dude actually had a decent amount of pictures, we now dig like Bob the Builder. We look for hobbies. We judge these hobbies. If you really like him, you concoct a plan to see how you can relate to these hobbies.

"Oh my gosh, I loveeeee fishing! I love it so much! Oh, you fish, you don't say? Look how much we have in common!"

13. Figuring out how close is he with his family


Looking for how many times his parents surface on the IG. If you see he has siblings then if you are on a date one day you won't be trying to digest their names and ages, you'll already know. He will be blown away by your impeccable memory and interest in them.

14. Seeing something cool he did and becoming obsessed


Maybe he studied abroad. All the heart eyes for the picture of him volunteering with Habitat for Humanity last April.

15. Pictures that make the world stop


This might be him in a tux at a wedding with his grandma. It might be a swoon-worthy pic of him shirtless at the beach. It might be a picture of him and his wait for it… DOG and you die and blush and get so excited because you don't know what's cuter: him or the dog. These are the ones you screenshot for your friends.

16. All of a sudden it's been an hour


You look at the clock, an hour has passed and you're in 2014. Great, now you know exactly what he wore to a middle school dance. Awesome!

17. When going into the tagged photos leads to being 3 people deep


In tagged photos, you find previous girlfriends, and naturally, you have to stalk. Luckily, her account is public and you see that her best friend could easily be the next contestant on the Bachelor and probably win the whole thing. So you click on her profile and stalk her too. Then you see her boyfriend and look at his profile and feel genuinely hurt that you won't be getting an invite to their wedding.

18. Not blurting out everything the next time you see him


You know you can absolutely NOT let on that you stalked him at all. Even though there were ten close calls, you did not accidentally like anything. Consider that a success. They should give out trophies for that. He doesn't need to know that you dropped your phone into the Oreo crumbs that were on your face at 2 a.m. As far as he knows, you simply approved his request and moved on with your life. If it comes up you should say "Oh, I didn't even remember we were friends on Instagram."

19. Crafting your first post with him being a follower


It has to be hot, but it has to be effortless. You could do a selfie but you want him to know you have friends. But they can't look prettier than you. Should you be mysterious and post an artsy shot? Or post a travel throwback? *Books plane ticket to a cool destination just to take a pic he might like*

20. The first time he likes your post


You feel like the definition of fabulous. A Snapchat is coming down the pike for sure. Ugh, how can you hate a culture and love it so much at the same time?

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Why I Love Country Music

It's deep in my soul.


In this day and age, especially for high school and college-aged students, it seems that it is "uncool" to like country music. The music industry in the United States is clearly dominated by the music of hip hop artists such as Travis Scott and Drake, and the pop beats of Ariana Grande and the like. That music is great and all, and I enjoy it just as much as the next person, but for me, nothing beats country music. The truth is that like beauty, music is in the eye, or ear in this case, of the beholder.

Country music is what I grew up with. Driving in the car with my parents, the dial was always turned to the local country radio station. As a child, the words of Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw were ground into my memory. It's deep in my soul. It's sweet to my soul.

One thing that I adore about country music is that there's basically a country song for anything you're going through in life. Every song tells a story. There are country songs about good times and bad. There are country songs about everything from partying and relaxing, to heartbreak and sickness. There's something for everybody. It's comforting to me, and to many.

Country music is feel-good music. Some of my fondest memories involve my friends and I driving through my hometown, windows down, on a sunny and 75-degree day. Days spent out on the lake, the boat speakers blaring Jake Owen and Florida Georgia Line. I even have country music to thank for giving me my best friend.

Don't even get me started on the countless country music festivals I've attended. Many of the best days of my life have centered around the ballads of various country artists, young and old. Country concerts are simply the best live shows. The atmosphere at these shows is like nothing else. It's such an accepting, fun, carefree environment. There's honestly nowhere else in the whole world that I'd rather be. (By the way, if you ever get the chance to see Kenny Chesney live, I'd highly recommend it...I've never had more fun at a concert.)

To each their own. Listen to the music you love. Life's too short.

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