As I walked to and from my classes throughout my first week back at school, the idea of my lasts kept crossing my mind. However, when I began to think about it more and more, I realized all of that will be left behind as we venture into the new chapter of our lives.

Cherish it all. Cherish every friendship, every little thing about the campus you are on, and most of all, make the best of memories.

That terrible dining hall food? You're gonna miss it.

Those old dorms? You're gonna miss it.

The organizations you're involved in? You're gonna miss it.

As sad as it sounds, the lasts are happening fast. The memories are becoming real.

But hey, congratulations! YOU DID IT!

1. Realizing you want to have fun, but actually you have to grow up.


No more late nights, no more Taco Bell runs at 2 a.m. Sad.

2. Living out your lasts will be something you'll never come to terms with.

You don't realize it in the moment, but you look back and it all becomes a memory.

You're confused because you'll have a degree but still no idea what to do with your life.

So like you have a Spanish degree, but you ended up in marketing??

4. You have to start job searching.


Teach me how to adult, plz.

5. You're going to be leaving your home soon.

Sorry, mom. This place has become such a happy place.

6. You're in that awkward stage with friendships.


Some of them have graduated already and have big kid jobs, yet others are going to be the ones saying goodbye to you soon.

7. You tear up at all of the stress, but at the same time, you're grateful for it because it only goes up from here.

Real jobs come with real stress, am I right??

8. The anxious feeling of becoming a true adult.

The word "responsibility" scares you.

9. Going out doesn't sound appealing to you anymore.

You want to go out, but you're the grandma that loves going to bed early. So you end up in bed.

10. The food situation is stuck in the middle.


You're almost able to afford steak dinners, but for now, Taco Bell will do.

11. You'll never live this close to your best friends again.

After graduation, somehow everyone ends up in different places.

12. Your school spirit is everlasting.


You will carry your colors and your experience with you forever. Alumni status is almost here. Go get 'em.