6 Things I Honestly Hope To Accomplish My Senior Year Of College

As I think about my senior of college, which isn't too far away, I think about the things I hope to do and accomplish. It's never too early to plan for your future.

1. Get an internship.

I'm at the point in my college career right now where I need to start thinking about my career afterward and look internships to help me toward it. I hope to find an internship that will push me more toward my future and help me find my niche in life.

2. Travel to a new place.

Whether it's outside the US or in-state, I would love to see the world more. I don't get the chance to travel very often so setting this goal will help me set out on new ventures and places.

3. Set new/higher goals.

The further I move along in college, the more my goals change. I hope to be able to set new goals for myself that are more related to my life and me as a person as I grow and progress.

4. Find my field of Journalism.

Being a journalism major, I'm introduced to so many different types of journalism, it's hard to figure out what exactly I want to focus on. By my senior year, I hope that I have found a field of journalism that I'm passionate writing about and something I would want as a career.

5. Upgrade my apartment.

Within the next year or so, I hope to be able to upgrade my apartment to something homier and something I can be comfortable in for a while.

6. Have a stable and decent job.

Let's be honest, we all want a job that pays well and is a stable source of income.

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