Timehop is a mixture of a great and terrible thing. Three years ago on August 14th, I was moving into my apartment to start my college career. Everyone goes into that day with all of these expectations for what college is like. College is supposed to be like what we see in movies. Crazy parties, being best friends with your roommates, even falling in love with someone you meet in your biology class. As a senior, I can tell you, that's not true.

It's not to say that college is this terrible thing that doesn't exceed a single expectation, college exceeds a lot of expectations, sometimes in unexpected ways. Looking back on it now, so far, college was nothing like what I expected, but it was exactly what I needed.

I feel as though a lot of people can relate when I say, my freshman year roommates were not my best friends, in fact, they were horrible (except for one, love you Hanna). The image that I had in my mind that those girls were going to one be my bridesmaids were quickly shut down by the drama that came with living with complete strangers for the first time living away from my parents.

Sure, I've been to a few crazy parties, but it's not every weekend and they definitely aren't the most memorable thing of my college career. Some of the best Friday nights I've had in college were spent with my friends, sitting on the couch watching some horrible movie on Netflix and laughing our asses off. Those famous parties can be a nightmare, nothing but a sweaty, drunken, emotional nightmare. A boy next door doesn't walk up to you and offer you a drink and fall in love with you, at least not for me.

The truth that I've learned from college is, they are the best 4 (or 2 or 5 or 8) years of your life. You find yourself, you find your friends, and you learn more than you ever thought you could about your future. Thinking about being a senior is absolutely mind boggling, but these past three years have been nothing short of a blessing.

I found my home in Clemson University, just like others have found their homes in where they go to school. It's not about the stereotypes of college, or the won football games, or the stupid frat parties. College is where you go to learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. You'll gain the most closure, the most confidence and the most knowledge about everything you've ever dreamed of if you step out and take college for all that it's worth.

I'd be lying if I said that college didn't suck sometimes. You're going to miss home. You're going to cry, over tests and relationships and homesickness. You're going to question why you ever wanted that degree, but you'll be glad you earned it. You'll look back on these years as the best years of your life, believe or not. It's such a cliche to say that because we all hear it from every adult ever, but it really is what you make it.

So, freshmen, enjoy the hell out of college. It's a crazy rollercoaster that will make you question everything, but when you get to the point that I've reached, you'll be nothing but thankful. I couldn't be more thankful for Clemson and all that is has taught me so far, and I'm beyond blessed to have one more year left here. College isn't at all what I expected, but it is exactly what I always needed.