Picture this: You're in the last semester of your senior year of college..... Soooo, what's next?

The magic question that everyone keeps asking you. Your grandma wants to know, your favorite professor wants to know and of course, your parents want to know. But the sad part is... you don't even know. It's not some big secret, you'd tell them if you knew... RIGHT?

Of course. I know I would. But the issue is, I have no idea. I have no idea if there is something telling me to go travel to Europe with the money that I don't have. Or to go to grad school and get an education in something that I probably don't need, but I'm not ready for the real world.. or even to join the real world. Which is a very scary decision.

We aren't prepared for that because all careers need "experience" these days. Which is impossible to achieve when all jobs need experience. So you think, let's go back to school and get that so-called experience. But nooo...that doesn't count. It's all a struggle and we are all just wandering around aimlessly trying to decide what to do.

I truly envy those who have it all figured out. They're the unicorns who chose their major when applying to their number one school and actually stuck with it all through college. They're very rare and I've personally never seen one in the wild before, but I have heard that they do exist.

But, it's just not that easy for the rest of us and it's super normal. It's normal to choose any route in life. I sometimes feel that everyone is thinking their life after college has to go a certain way and that there Is only one answer: A secret answer that no one will tell them. This huge pop quiz that was designed specifically for our lives and only WE have the power to screw it up. But no. there is no right answer. If you want to travel... TRAVEL. More school, go for it! Take a year off, why not? Just make sure you're doing it for you!