why you should send post cards when you travel

Call Me Old-Fashioned, But I Still Send Travel Postcards To Let Loved Ones Know I'm Thinking About Them

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a postcard is worth a million.

Christine DiNapoli

To me, traveling can be considered both a necessity and a privilege. Either way, it is no wonder that people want to find ways to share their latest journey with the ones closest to them in some way. While some opt for the popular social media share, my go-to method is sending postcards.

Even though posting pictures online is an effective way to reach out to a lot of people at once, it is a little effort action that is ultimately thoughtless and impersonal. Sending postcards is such a personal, intimate experience. In a day and age where close to no one keeps address books anymore, I've kept a record of all of my closest friends' addresses to ensure they'll receive a little part of my trip in the mail.

While this might seem like such a small and cheap gesture, the fact that I've thought about someone enough to take time to of my vacation and personally send out a well thought out message to tell them where I went is special.

Nowadays, receiving anything in the mail is pretty much obsolete. This makes sending postcards fun! Since our generation is locked in the digital age where most important documents and notices are sent via email. Because of this, the feeling of receiving something in the mail with your name on it is thrilling!

Above all else, sending postcards is an extremely inexpensive way to make sure everyone on your list, including yourself, gets a small token of thought from your latest endeavor. In addition to my friends, I always send a postcard to myself. That way, I can always be reminded of the great places I've been to. Sure, I'll have tons of pictures too, but there is something about the thought process that goes behind selected the postcard that you want to represent your time away from home that means so much more. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a postcard is worth a million.

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