As we go into the final weeks of classes, end of the semester burnout is upon us. What better way to face it than procrastinate and relate to all of these gifs.

1. When you start calculating the exact score you need on the final for each class.

Looks like you need over an 100 for any hopes of an A...

2. When the professor drops a 20 page study guide on you saying "you only need to know this for the final"

Yeah. thanks for the clarification

3. Let the stress eating commence

Every college students knows to stack their fridge and candy selection leading up to finals week.

4. When you call your mom telling her you can't do it anymore and want to drop out of school

Thank God someone can put up with our Kimmy K dramatic bouts

5. Trying to pump yourself up before your first major final

Go in confident and hopefully come out the same way

6. How you really feel inside 

Too bad its not socially acceptable to show the real world

7. When your friends complain your always in a bad mood because your stressed