Now that I have finished all my exams, and not only completely moved out of my dorm but have returned home I have no idea what to do with myself. It’s only been five days and I’ve already gone through that list in my head of things I want to do including, Skyzone, mall, visit my friends, see other people’s colleges [we got out super early], and spend time with my family. Day five, and I already did all of it.

With Christmas right around the corner, my next idea was shopping but as a person living in the overcrowded area of Northern New Jersey, going to the mall is a hassle and I save it for the last minute to avoid the consistent craziness that accompanies the stores around the holidays. With the idea of shopping out my mind, I decided that online shopping could fill the void. It was totally working until I realized that with shipping a Kylie Lip Kit will cost me about 38 dollars. With only about 36 dollars to my name and I quitting my job on campus, shopping is a no go.

So what’s next for a broke college student?

Now that I’ve realized that I don’t have money to shop or do much, I decided that I would get a job to fill the time. The only thing I didn’t take into consideration, is the fact that jobs don’t just appear out of thin air. Even with stores hiring seasonal employees everywhere, it still is not a simple task to find a job. As of today, I now have applied to ten jobs all around Hudson and Bergen county praying to find something soon.

I’m not necessarily worried about passing time until Christmas but rather the time afterwards. Next semester I am transferring colleges so instead of going back the 10th like I originally had planned, I now return to classes during the week of the 20th of January. After Christmas I have one month until I go back to school, and now my main goal for the next two weeks is find a way to pass the time.

My lazy and unemployed self has now come to the conclusion I need to make some major life changes during this time. May I’ll spend more time at the gym, or learn to cook. Honestly the possibilities are endless. During this time I not only plan on visiting school friends, shopping, working, and learning to cook but rather just get to know myself better. This time off is a chance for me to become a better person and better student for next semester.