9 Tips For Sparking Your Self-Motivation And Getting Things Done

9 Tips For Sparking Your Self-Motivation And Getting Things Done

You won't have to wait for the new year for a burst of motivation when you have these nine tricks!


We all know how frustrating it is to lose our motivation. Its happened to us all. But, these nine actions will teach you how to take control of your motivation so you can start reaching your goals ASAP.

1. Focus on the outcome.

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When the going gets tough, it is so easy to neglect our goals or take the easy road out of our commitments. But, when you feel your drive depleting, you have to keep your eyes on the prize. You can tap into that fuel you need to keep pushing forward when you shift your focus to the outcome and how great you'll feel once you accomplish your goals!

2. Find an accountability partner.

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Sometimes we need an extra push to stay committed to our goals and that is OK. Whether you need someone to push you to get your butt to the gym or someone to keep you on track of your healthy eating habits, a committed accountability partner can ultimately be the key to reaching your goals.

3. Write down your goals.

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Believe it or not, putting your goals down on paper can create a sense of accountability as well. And, if you're truly serious about your goals you should even share your vision with friends. The more you speak about your goals, the stronger your commitment will be to accomplish them (because let's face it, we don't like to let others down).

4. Eliminate your distractions.

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Whether it's toxic people who bring you down or the hours you've wasted scrolling through social media, do yourself the favor and get rid of your distractions ASAP! You'll notice how much more productive and optimistic you can be without these irrelevant interruptions.

5. Be brave.

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Fear only represses you from achieving a happier and stronger version of yourself. Take daily steps to demolish your fears by asking yourself: "What would I do today, if I were not afraid?". By building a habit of this self-reflection you will empower yourself to visualize all the opportunities you have ahead of you.

6. Keep your faith high.

"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."-Charles R. Swindoll

Photo by Rachel Pfuetzner on Unsplash

Life is an emotional rollercoaster and that's no secret. We have to take the good with the bad, right? So although you aren't in control of what happens to you, you are in control of how you react to your circumstances. When times get tough, remember that they are temporary. Keep your head up and your faith strong!

7. Create daily disciplines.

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Do you believe that success is the accumulation of a few simple disciplines practiced every day? I believe it is. I know, from my own personal experiences, that our disciplines either make us or break us. Someone with the discipline to meal prep is going to have far more success with their healthy eating habits as opposed to someone who didn't prepare (and will probably end up in the fast food drive-thru line).

Our daily habits will undeniably shape the outcome of our lives. By building productive daily habits like healthy eating, exercising, or waking up punctually, you empower yourself to achieve your long-term goals.

8. Schedule time to take action.

Yep, I learned that the hard way.

With a busy schedule, it's easy to disregard opportunities for growth. If you don't have a to-do list or some form of written accountability, I can assure you that you won't have the time to make daily progress towards your goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, earn a raise, or graduate within the next four months, keep yourself on track by scheduling small daily actions and you can take to make these goals a reality.

9. Raise your standards for yourself.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Unfortunately, it'll be much more difficult to accomplish and sustain the habits in tips 1-8 without developing a better mindset.

"When you change your mindset, you can change your life."

I whole-heartedly encourage you to grasp this concept and apply it to your everyday life. Change your self-talk. Identify your areas of weakness (don't be ashamed, we all have them) and focus on strengthening them. Read books or listen to audios on personal development. Each day, just take hold of the opportunities you have to get one step closer to your dreams.

I hope this article taught you at least one new activity that can help you spark your motivation!

Keep pressing forward. You will not achieve your goals overnight - maybe not even this year. But the only way you will not reach your goals is if you quit.

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12 Things Only Low-Maintenance Girls Understand

I promise we aren’t lazy, just easy going.

Sometimes low-maintenance girls are looked at as lazy or sloppy. But in reality, I think low-maintenance girls are just so confident in who they are that putting in that extra effort isn't important to them.

Here are 12 things that only low-maintenance girls understand:

1. Leggings or sweat pants and a T-shirt is your normal everyday outfit

Why spend the day uncomfortable in some tight jeans or mini skirt when you can lounge around in some comfy clothes? We aren't here to impress anyone, we are just trying to sit back and chill.

2. Makeup is a special occasion

If you catch a low-maintenance girl with makeup on, take it as a compliment. We are trying to touch our face and rub our eyes as much as we'd like without makeup getting in the way. Not to mention, we wouldn't dare spend over $15 on some foundation.

3. We would rather stay in with a movie then go out for the evening

Something low-key and low stress always sounds better than spending the time, and the money, for a night out. I am perfectly content with taking advantage of my $7.99 monthly payment for Netflix.

4. You're always the first one ready

While your friends spend hours doing their hair, makeup and then finding the perfect outfit, you sit around and wait. Your 10 minutes thrown-together-look gives you time to nap while everyone else takes their sweet time.

5. When you say you "don't care what we do," you really don't care

Seriously, a date night off the McDonald's dollar menu is fine by me. I am not expecting you to wine and dine me on a big extravagant evening, I'm just trying to get a Big Mac in my mouth.

6. Your messy bun isn't a fashion statement, it's actually just your hairstyle

We aren't about to spend time curling or straightening our hair everyday. Every day is a good day to throw your hair up into a ponytail or bun.

7. The extent of your jewelry collection is one pair of earrings and maybe a necklace

Who needs more than one pair of earrings? Diamond studs match everything… right?

8. And your shoe collection is even smaller

Should I wear flip-flops or Converse?

9. Shopping isn't exactly your favorite thing to do

Who has patience for finding the perfect designer brands or finding the best fit? I am perfectly content with my T-shirts and leggings. One size fits all.

10. Your favorite gifts are the sentimental ones, not the expensive ones

A homemade card or a small gift that makes someone think of you is forever better and more meaningful than an expensive present. I don't want your money, I just want to know you thought of me.

11. You don't put in the effort to chase after a guy

I'm awesome and I know it. If a guy is worth it enough to be in my life, he can come after me. I am not down for any games or players. Just someone who embraces my low-maintenance qualities.

12. You are always the first person to help someone out

Giving your friends a ride or lending them two dollars isn't a huge deal. Just helping someone out gives you peace of mind. Everyone should have time to help a homie out.

Cover Image Credit: http://www.cosboots.com/sale/christmas/christmas.html

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When You're With The Right Guy, He'll Take The Time To Learn About Your Mental Illness, Trust Me

If he wants to make it work and really loves you, he'll learn all of your ins and outs.


My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year. The journey we've been on to get to where we are now has been one of the scariest and most fun roller coasters I've ever been on.

My mental health has come in the way of a lot of relationships, both romantic and platonic. I've never quite been able to find a way to master explaining it to people. And I still haven't. Explaining what can happen in your head, when you can barely explain it to yourself is a very difficult and often heart wrenching task.

When I had started dating my boyfriend, I was scared to tell him about my mental health. While I have gained a lot of confidence and it isn't nearly as severe as it was years ago, I know how it can get when "one of those days" comes. I know how scary I can get when I fall into a panic attack. I know how hard it can be to look at someone you love while they have a tear stained face unable to tell you what's wrong.

In the past I've tried two different things. One being that I wouldn't tell them at all and I would try to go day by day like I didn't have this cloud above my head. Once they'd see what I can get like, they'd leave. They "couldn't handle the amount of work I needed" or they felt burdened by being with me. Some would even say they "love me too much to put themselves through seeing me like that."

The other option I tried was putting it all out on the table. I had tried that once. I had told my most recent ex boyfriend everything. I laid it all out on the line, hoping that it would be different. At first, it was. He was comforting and understanding. Until it got to a point where he was using what I told him against me.

He knew my weak points. He knew what would hit the hardest and he was good at what he was doing.

It wasn't until my current boyfriend that I realized that isn't how love should be.

He could tell from the beginning that there were missing puzzle pieces. There were walls that I had build around me that I wasn't about to let just anyone knock down. At first, I found his pestering quite rude. Until he proved his point. He had come to me one night and said he wanted me to tell him everything. No details left behind.

I kind of sat there with my mouth open. I actually tried to pretend as if I didn't know what he was talking about. Within minutes, I was spilling everything. Every crevice I could have touched base on, I did. While I thought he was going to look shocked, scared, or bored even.

He didn't.

He was looking deep into my eyes the whole time. He never broke eye contact with me. He was focused and didn't say anything, just nodded his head. After I was finished and the tears were falling, he held me in an embrace and the only words he could mutter was, "You are so beautiful and one of the strongest people I know. You will get stronger. I promise."

He's taken the time to learn everything. He's watched psychologist's lectures, he's read articles. He's done everything in his power to learn what I need on my dark times. He honestly has gotten to know me so well, I think he knows me better than I know myself.

Not only has it helped our relationship as a whole, but it's helped me learn about myself in a way that I couldn't quite do on my own. He's offered me a kind of love that I've never had before. One where I don't have to fear rejection or getting left behind.

Ladies, if he's the right guy, he'll do whatever it takes to make sure that you have exactly what you need. Not just physically but mentally as well. My guy knows the days where, I could just really use a good cry and being held for 20 minutes. He also knows when I need reassurance.

A guy that truly loves you will learn these things about you. He won't ignore you, he won't brush it off and say "you'll be fine."

Take my word on it, that's the guy you'll want to marry someday.

I know I do.

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