Find The One Thing In Life That Matters To You And Hold On
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Find The One Thing In Life That Matters To You And Hold On Tight

Finding yourself is never an easy task, respect the process and love every moment.

Find The One Thing In Life That Matters To You And Hold On Tight
Hannah Henley

Recently I haven't fully been myself.

Yes, this may seem like a strange thing to write, but it's true. I used to be more concerned with my happiness then I currently am. I focused on self-love and preached appreciation of self to all my friends. I thought I had achieved this nirvana. Turns out I am very good at fooling myself.

Now, I'm not saying that I haven't been happy, because I 1000% have been so happy in these past months, what I mean is, I'm more focused on that self-love aspect.

So, here's the thing, its simple, you can either love yourself, or you can pick yourself apart.

What I've learned is that I started to rip myself apart piece by piece, like I was one of those fragments of paper that get left behind when you tear a sheet from a spiral notebook. For so long I was comfortable in my body and I accepted who I was, then I started feeling like I wasn't enough.

This is quite a slippery slope to fall down, yes I know. We can't always control these thoughts and emotions. It's that pesky little devil on your shoulder that seems to outtalk the angel. We listen and devour every word.

Here I am, wanting so much to love myself, but I am aware that this isn't an overnight switch.

I know the changes I need to make, the ones I want so desperately to make. I want to learn, I want to put in the effort and gain so much knowledge it overwhelms my brain. I want to rekindle my love for writing.

As of late, my writing has somewhat plunged off the deep end. I just don't crave words as I once did, although this hunger is returning. I am determined to become healthier, mind and body. Finding my inner peace and once again learning to love every ounce of my being, because if I won't, who will?

Everyone has slumps. We all know what it is like to lose motivation and the pursuit of what we want.

I have let this go on for too long! I refuse to sit passenger as I let some piece of me chip away at the remains. I will no longer be carved by what others want of me, but by the choices I make for myself. I am happy and I know that loving myself will come back to me. Even writing this now I feel determined, and more at peace with myself for just putting these words onto a page. Find your love and hold onto it tightly.

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