If you're like me, then you probably look at yourself in the mirror and question just about everything about yourself. From your nose to your stomach, maybe even your legs. Then you start to panic because you find yourself completely not loving your entire self.

I do this a lot, and sometimes, it's so severe that the next time someone finds me is probably in my bed in a fetal position in tears. But do you ever have those moments when you know you're looking your best and you're just like, "DAMN"? Those are the moments I live for, but why don't they happen more often? Why can't I be one of those people who are just downright in love with themselves?

It's not easy to love yourself, and I still have such a hard time doing it day in and day out, but this new year is a LITERAL new season. 2019 is and will always be "gas yourself season." No more of these lame challenges like the salt and ice challenge, the mannequin challenge, even the condom... snorting... challenge. Really, people?

No, we're talking pure self-love, self-dedication, you name it. "Gas yourself season" is all about you taking time for yourself, worrying about yourself before you even think to worry about someone else. It's time to get selfish. Take yourself on a date, show yourself off, and post on Instagram every single day with such a conceited caption; you leave your followers wanting to actually comment.

Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how dope you are! Tell the world how much you love yourself! The more we love ourselves, the less we're prone to obsess over the little things!

It's so hard to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, and I strongly believe that "Gas Yourself Up SZN" should be at the top of your list of priories this coming New Year.