Seeing Your Friends After A Long Time

I recently got back to school in New Orleans, and seeing everyone for the first time after three months is a very strange experience. It feels like no time has passed, but it also feels like it's been forever since I'd seen everyone last. It's wonderful and amazing that friendships can pick right back off where they were, whilst new ones are formed. Being back is a roller coaster of emotions, and this is my experience seeing familiar faces.

The Initial Reaction

Finally seeing your favorite people and not knowing how to handle it other than jumping on them and hugging it out.

Freaking Out

Having many emotions at once is overwhelming. Sometimes the best way to express them is by screaming.

Processing The Moment

After freaking out a little bit, everyone calms down and tries to process all of the emotions.

Catching Up

Being able to talk and interact in person is so much better than texting or seeing what the other is up to through social media. Nothing beats finally being in each other's presence, and being able to have more memorable experiences with them.

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