Spotting a Jealous Friend
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5 Ways To Spot Someone Who Is Jealous Of You

We all have those people in our lives who do get jealous.

5 Ways To Spot Someone Who Is Jealous Of You

Noticing someone who may be jealous of you can actually be very frustrating. You actually can have mixed emotions about dealing with jealous people. At first, you may feel confused and a little scared. You may be thinking "wait, did I do something,"? " But I never did anything to purposely hurt them.." "I'm cool with them but why aren't they cool with me?" Everyone, it's okay. Just because someone acts a certain way towards you does not always mean it's you. It actually can be just them. Trust me, you would know if you did anything that could affect someone in a negative way and then they didn't like you. Now, I am going to explain 5 ways on how to tell if someone is actually jealous of you instead.

1. Showing lack of self-asteem in themselves.


I notice when people are jealous of others, they tend to always talk bad about themselves. The one's that do that are mainly insecure about their own self. This can be very annoying because if they generally don't like who they are as a person, they will try and take it out on others to make themselves feel better. For some reason people who are jealous want to bring others down and want them to feel how they feel so they don't feel alone. But that is not healthy, we should all be building each other up in a positive way, asking for advice, reaching out for help, instead of jabbing some else to some extent of feeling better.

2. Generally does not like you for no specific reason.

Have you ever met someone and they generally aren't liking your vibe right from the start? But you haven't even done anything to them? Everything is generally fine between the two of you, but you notice all the signs of them acting weird towards you for no reason. They have never confronted you about something that is bothering them with you. They also could still confront you about something, but it could be over something that is so small and ridiculous that can easily be passed along.

3. Clingy.

We all have that one clingy friend... this can be a sign of jealousy. One big red flag is if you are hanging around with other people, and that person becomes secretly annoyed by it. They also start to copy things that you do. It could be from how you do your hair, how you dress, hobbies, trying to hang out with the same friends. This can be hard to deal with if you really need space from them, because you don't want to come off as rude if you want to try to tell them to back off a little bit.

4. Points out the negative only in something you do.

This one can have the most effect on others. It is so easy to pick out and identify the negative in everything because no one wants to have negativity in their life no matter what. We try our best to stay strong and avoid negativity, but it can be hard at times if we are constantly surrounded by negative influences. For a person to always point out the negative in what you do, shows that they have a lot of negativity going on in their life. They have that affect on you to bring you down so they can have some sort of upper-hand to make themselves feel good.

5. Acts different around you compared to others.

We all can tell if you are being treated differently from that jealous person. Notice when you may see them around or hang around them, they may be more quiet, rude, or weird towards you? But when you see them interacting with someone else, they are the complete opposite from how you are treated? Annoying right? It's so petty when people do that... But if you are experiencing these things, you have every right to cut out of your life if it is becoming unhealthy and toxic to your own life.

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