Seeing is Believing

As I was sitting watching Heathers: The Musical, I realized the difference between telling and see with your own eyes . Sometimes you can get something with a look, that would take multiple pages of dialogue. Heather's is example of this. Depending on the version you see , you can tell the main characters, Veronica and Jd, love each other much. However, as a outside person looking in , you can tell that it is abusive relationship, emotional to be exact.Other relationships in theater that show people what love doesn't look like, are Hamlet and Grease.

Most people tell you that a healthy relationship takes time, work , and not making other people change just because it is will make look better. Grease well, I'm sorry but Sandy deserved better . He didn't change for her, yet she has to changes for him in order to be in a relationship . He also tries to have sex with her even though she tells him no repeating.

Each Hamlet actor can have a different way that they do the famous To Be or Not To Be speech, along with the fact their relationship with Ophelia is always up for question. He treats her poorly, to the point where his actions cause her to go insane and commint suicide. No matter the passing of time , theater always has a message to convey when it comes to relationships.

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