16 Things All College Students Think When They See People From High School

16 Things All College Students Think When They See People From High School

So who's gonna start the conversation?


It's weird how we all go off to college, away from almost everyone from our high school, but yet during breaks, we see everyone again. How we all are in a different stage of our life, and yet we all come home to see everyone from our past. And this really isn't a big deal, it's just something all college students deal with. But those encounters can be awkward. Especially if you're at a quiet diner at 1 a.m. or buying feminine products at CVS and you see someone from high school you haven't seen in 2+ years. How does one react to such a situation? Here are some thoughts that a college student might have when they see someone they didn't know well in high school.

1. Do I say hi and be polite or hide because I don't want to start small talk?

2. Will they recognize me from high school?

3. What if they don't remember who I am? I mean it's been a couple years...

4. Maybe we can finally have a conversation...

5. Should I just pretend I don't know who they are?

6. What if I say hi and they initiate small talk?

7. Oh god, they're gonna ask me about my summer plans.

8. This is the same fear I feel every Thanksgiving when relatives try to make small talk.

9. Maybe they'll see me and think I peaked after high school.

10. Do I even care what they think? I don't have to say hi anyway

11. I wonder who they're still friends with from high school?

12. What's his name again?

13. Why do I care who they are or what they're doing?

14. I should just quickly wave to be polite

15. Or maybe I glance at them and see if they talk. That'll prove how friendly they really are.

16. But wait, is this how I'm gonna feel x10 at the high school reunions?

These thoughts are typical when you see someone you barely knew in high school. But seeing someone by chance that you did know, is often a much less awkward scenario - hopefully, anyway.

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