Secret Santa is a tradition for many friend groups in school and college. Many people even take in part more than one Secret Santa group. As exciting it is to receive gifts and finding out who your Secret Santa is, sometimes it becomes overwhelming to write your wish list when you don't have something specific in mind. So here a few things you can ask for this season.

1. Fuzzy things

Okay, now who does not want fuzzy things?? First, they look so cute. Second, they keep you warm. Third, they look so cute! You can ask for fuzzy socks to wear under those boots you got on Black Friday or even a fuzzy tee to wear with your jeans.

2. Scarves and hats

Nowadays, scarves and hats are more of a fashion statement. And, of course, they help you stay warm too! Many stores have sets of scarves, hats, and gloves on sale so you can get a matching pair.

3. Makeup

Is there even a thing as too much makeup? There are so many sales going on and so many new palettes in the market. Get the lip color you need for the holiday parties or that highlighter you need for the pictures.

4. Books

Ask your Secret Santa for some of the books you want to end the year reading or start with for the following year. Winter break is a great time to stay in bed with some hot choco or coffee and read away.

5. Planners

If you planner person, it's time for a new planner for the new year. There are so many out in stores and online. Be sure to let your Secret Santa know what type of planner you would prefer or any brands you absolutely love.

6. Journals

Start the new year with something to write your feelings in. The journal can be used for ideas, planning, note-taking, writing down feelings, doodling, and so much more. It can be your little world in your hands.