'The Secret Life Of Pets' Movie Review

If you're looking for something to go see in theaters this summer, look no further than "The Secret Life of Pets," which came to the big screen on July 8. Recently, my best friend and I, being a suckers for animated movies, saw "The Secret Life of Pets" at the drive-in, and I absolutely loved this movie. It featured a minion short at the beginning that was hilarious, and the entirety of the feature-length film was also delightful.

"The Secret Life of Pets" follows the story of Max the dog, and how his life gets turned upside down when his owner Katie brings home a new dog, Duke. Max, used to being an only pet, is reluctant to be kind to Duke and attempts to assert his dominance, which leads the two, as well as all of their friends on a wild chase all over the city in order to escape the hands of the gang of abandoned pets.

This movie is great for a night out with friends, your younger sibling, or even a way to spend some time with your parents before you head back to school. The story line was well-imagined, the animation was stunning, and it serves as a great reminder that the pets we bring into our lives are uniquely ours. No two pets have the same personality, and I think this movie conveyed that very well, along with the importance of love, loyalty, friendship, and teamwork. Overall, I would definitely recommend this feel-good film to anyone looking for a good laugh this summer. Don't forget the popcorn!

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