When all the excitement of the first semester wears off, the surprising week hurrication followed closely by fall break then Thanksgiving break and finally winter break we're left with second semester. The return from winter break may be bittersweet for a lot of people. First semester seems to be broken up with more breaks than we know what to do with and the excitement of a new school year starting off. But the last few months which have the promising taste of summer break at the end can never end quick enough.

The weather is still deciding if it wants to be warmer mixed in with some brutally colder days. And I'm sure a lot of people can agree we get stuck in a mundane schedule of classes throughout the weeks. There's a constant search for something new to do, whether its finally leaving the room to sit in the library or going on that run you said you would get too way back in September. There's anticipation for spring break to finally come, where we at least have a well earned one week break. Before midterms and finals.

I know I have been feeling stuck in a zombie walk from class to class every day, the repeat of the same amount of homework sometimes mixed in with a paper or test. I feel the anticipation for the weather to finally be consistently warmer and sunny and for everyone to wake up from their winter hibernation. When the flowers begin to bloom and the trees begin to bud campus seems to start to come alive, unfortunately, that isn't until the very end of the semester. For now, we are stuck in this weird intermediate time zone of not knowing what to do.

It's a little too cold out at night to walk through the Charleston streets to look for a party and by this time most people have given up. Hopefully, someone will figure out soon how to get out of the rut of second semester. For now, we are stuck with quietly watching youtube in the library or wasting the day away napping.